Prince for a day…

On our last evening in Bodrum we were sitting near the sea, sipping tea at a small outdoor cafe when this festive parade when by. The boy on the pony is all decked out like a little prince in celebration of his circumcision. I think that Muslim boys in Turkey are circumcised when they’re about seven or so. I suppose it’s probably roughly equivalent to having your first communion or bar mitzvah, in terms of it being a key right of passage and an important family celebration. This family certainly went all out for the occasion!


2 thoughts on “Prince for a day…

    • Yeah, the funny thing is, every time I’ve seen boys in all their special circumcision getup, they look so happy and excited! I can’t figure out if that’s just because it’s before the ‘big moment’ and they don’t know exactly what they’re in for, or if they just don’t care because the rest of the day is like a super exciting birthday or something! Go figure.

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