Cumhuriyet Bayramı…

Yesterday, the 29th of October, was Cumhuriyet Bayrami- Republic Day. This particular national holiday celebrates the proclamation of the Turkish Republic in 1923. So, being a national holiday, most people get the day off. However, Richie and I are always off on Friday, so sadly, we didn’t get any extra benefit out of this free day. The day was great though, and we got to visit some friends that we haven’t seen in ages!

We went to our friend Sohye’s apartment in the evening, where we also saw ‘our Turkish family’- Sultan and her four children. Thanks to our recent Turkish lessons, I was actually able to make some baby sentences and talk to the girls! I can only say things in the present continuous, i.e. I am reading, I am learning Turkish, Are you eating?, etc. Not the most in-depth conversation capabilities, but it was something. And the oldest of the girls, Sibel, has recently started university and is studying elementary English, so our overall communication abilities are certainly increasing!

We had a nice Turkish-Korean-fusion feast, made by Sohye and Sultan. I did contribute a chickpea and aubergine salad to the mix, which seemed to go over well. Every time I eat at either Sultan’s or Sohye’s I am in heaven. Such good food!

As we were finishing the dinner, an amazing fireworks display started outside. Sohye lives on the seventh floor of an apartment with a great view, and we could see a huge amount of fireworks all along the Bosphorus. They were so beautiful, and I couldn’t believe how many there were! It was really spectacular.

Then the two younger kids got sleepy, so Sultan and her gang headed home, and we stayed to hang out with Sohye for a bit longer before heading home. It’s always super entertaining and fun to spend time with Sohye and Sultan’s family, and now I’m so excited that we’ll be more and more able to actually communicate with them! Now I can’t wait for our next Turkish lesson!


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