Snowy Friday update…

You probably can’t really tell from this photo, but it is, in fact, snowing in Istanbul. It doesn’t look like it’ll be heavy enough to stick, but it is pretty.

Richie and I are getting ready to head to Taksim for some breakfast and to finish our Christmas shopping. Just a few more things to get so it shouldn’t take too long. Then there will probably be some tea/coffee/hot chocolate/salep drinking after the shopping. Maybe we’ll drink all of those things in the course of the day. I wouldn’t mind. I can never have enough of hot drinks!

So, while I admit that a sprinkling of snow is quite nice, and better than cold rain by far, I am still a bit over the winter thing. The two worst parts are: a) getting out of the warm bed in the morning, and b) the immediate post-shower experience. GOD IT’S COLD! Today I was just standing there in the hot shower for ages, just getting mentally prepared for the cold air to hit me afterwards. Brutal.

Well, as I’m typing this post, the snow is getting a little heavier, and even nicer to look at. It definitely feels more festive and Christmassy when it snows. And it’s only three days until we’re off to Ireland! Can’t wait!


One thought on “Snowy Friday update…

  1. So much looking forward to seeing both of you. Have a safe journey . Some snow here too, mostly in the west at present. Sounds like you are getting used to the cold. Lots of love Dolores

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