A strange and wonderful music moment…

So, do you ever have that experience where listening to a song or piece of music makes a dull day seem beautiful or when the mere sound of lovely instruments and whimsical vocals reminds you that life is strange and wonderful and mysterious? I had one of those this morning and it was fantastic.

I was listening to a new (to me) Sufjan Stevens album on my way to work. On my stroll past towering apartment blocks, construction sites, smelly dumpsters, piles of old food and other mush left on the footpath for stray cats to eat, leafless trees and concrete and more concrete, I listened to some beautiful sounds that lifted me right out of myself and my winter lethargy and washed over me like a wave. I think I nearly got teary-eyed at one stage. It wasn’t that it was the most beautiful music ever, or that the lyrics are particularly amazing. It was just the magic of music on a cold winter morning.

It’s amazing what music can do to a person. How simple, and yet how moving and uplifting and life affirming it can be. I definitely think the human soul needs music. Mine certainly did this morning.


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