A healthy dose of rejuvenation…

I have been extremely fortunate this week to have had the opportunity for some extra rest and relaxation when I most needed it. On Monday after yoga, I had time for a quick lunch/chat with my friend and yoga teacher. I just sort of vented some of the stressed and overwhelmed feelings I was having, and talked about feeling drained and missing times when I felt fully engaged in the adventure of life and more free spirited. I was feeling so weighed down by my work schedule and just a bit emotional. The talk didn’t necessarily change anything, but it felt so good to just honestly say how I was feeling.

The rest of Monday was a bit rocky, and I just didn’t feel up to the planning and teaching I needed to do that evening, but I pulled myself together just enough and got through it. Tuesday Richie and I were both off work, because I had a cancellation and it was amazing! We took the ferry over to Kadikoy, which I always love. Being on the water is so soothing and refreshing. I love the Bosphorus! And the sea. And rivers, lakes, streams, etc. Anyway, we drank lemonade in the sun at a cafe we like on a nice quiet little street. I love going to Kadikoy. It has such a nice vibe and it feels so different from the areas we spend our time in on the European side of Istanbul.

I had to work on Wednesday night, but I was off again yesterday, due to a cancellation, and it was great. Each morning this week I’ve spent at least 30 minutes doing a bit of yoga and meditation right after I get out of bed. My mind is still very busy and chattery, but just taking the time to be with myself and see what’s going on with me, and enjoy the occasional calming breath, has been so helpful. I’ve enjoyed the sun shining into the apartment almost constantly, and it’s been nice enough out to open the windows for a while each day to let the fresh air in and air out the apartment. Since I’ve had more free time than usual, I also have taken some time to do the home cleaning I’ve been too burnt-out and lazy to do recently. I threw out loads of old stuff from the kitchen cupboards and reorganized everything, I’ve been catching up on all the hoovering and laundry and doing a bit more cooking and actually enjoying washing the dishes after every meal just to have a mess-free kitchen at the end of the day. Clean your house, clear your mind. Okay, it’s not as simple as that, but it does at least help to have a tidy and uncluttered environment when you’re trying to sort yourself out mentally and emotionally.

And to top it all off, I got to go to an extra yoga class last night. It felt so good! I am so so so thankful to my students for cancelling some lessons this week! I think it totally saved my sanity.


One thought on “A healthy dose of rejuvenation…

  1. So happy for you. It’s so nice to get those breaks when you really really really need them. My husband stepped it up yesterday for me, too, and it’s so nice to know someone is there to help you out when you need it! Hope your weekend is fabulous too!

    And also I miss you. Hope you’ll squeeze us in when you’re home if you can!!

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