A great day of not much of anything…

I ended up with a day off yesterday due to students cancelling and I still can’t believe the difference that an extra day off makes to one’s general happiness and productivity.

It might sound like a pretty lame way to spend a day off, but all afternoon and evening I pottered around the kitchen, cooking not one, but TWO dinners (nice to have some stuff ready in the fridge on busier days), washed tons of dishes, cleaned out the fridge, hoovered, did two loads of laundry, did a general tidying of the apartment. I also talked to a few people on skype and just generally relaxed. I feel so happy to have made some healthy and yummy food, because I’ve felt like I’ve been eating lots of take-out lately, mostly at work. It’s fun to order in food for a treat now and again, but when you’re eating it nearly every day, it gets old. So, it was fun to try a new recipe and have the house full of the smell of roasting veggies and spices, etc. It also feels so good to have the apartment looking normal. It’s just been so hard to keep up on that stuff lately!

I just enjoyed the day so much. It really is the simple things that make life pleasant. So, now I just have to get through tonight and tomorrow night at work, and then it’s our day off together, which will be great too. I’m still planning to book myself a massage, and Richie and I will probably go out for a meal somewhere. It’ll be nice to get out a bit, but I’ve actually been quite the homebody lately. I think it does me good to at least go to the shop or something so I get a few minutes of fresh air, but other than that, I don’t think I’ve ever been so content to just hang out at home. I have very little interest in doing anything out and about. I’m sure that’ll change when the spring weather finally arrives. Well, I’m off to the kitchen to heat up some of the goodies I cooked last night! Yum.


One thought on “A great day of not much of anything…

  1. I know you are very smart so I can’t give you much advice except look for good things and be grateful for them. I will tell you more on facebook

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