Fresh ideas and inspiring thoughts…

This morning I felt kind of horrible. I was whining and crying because, in a nutshell, I just want to go back to Ireland and I’m tired of EVERYTHING! I can rationalize all of this by talking about winter blues, being tired, blah blah blah. I know there are lots of factors, and one is just me feeling sorry for myself. Nonetheless, that’s how I felt today (and how I’ve felt many days) so talking about ‘why’ isn’t really the point.

After a good talk with Richie, who is always very supportive and helpful when I’m having an emotional episode, I started looking for some inspiration. I took a glance at some blogs I usually enjoy reading, and I found some very encouraging words, and some new writers with new (to me) ideas which I intend to think about over the next few days.

First, I visited zenhabits and came across this guest blog post which seemed like the prefect thing for me to read in my current mental and emotional state. It’s about the transformative opportunity presented by burnout; how to take those worn out, depressed or dull feelings and let them be the motivation you need to make some changes in your life or to start dreaming and scheming about new ways to make your life what you want it to be.

Reading that led me to a whole new blog, Peace & Projects by Melissa Gorzelanczyk, and I think it is just full of exciting and uplifting ideas. I read a few of her previous posts today and I look forward to reading more throughout the coming weeks. I think I’ll become a regular visitor!

Anyway, I guess the thing is that the process of growing and changing and adapting is never over. Life is in a constant state of flux and so are we. I suppose it’s completely natural to be down sometimes, and the key thing is to work hard to get up again. Today was a start. Reading other people’s inspiring words has made a small dent in my burnout, but change doesn’t happen over night. I intend to take some time every day to do some reading and thinking and dreaming and scheming, and see where it takes me.


7 thoughts on “Fresh ideas and inspiring thoughts…

    • Yeah, maybe I’ll show up and land my dream job! 🙂 Don’t really know what my dream job is, but still. I do love both milk and honey though, so I shall consider Germany as an option! Hope you and Anouk are doing well! Hugs to you both!

  1. Kimberly! You right so true. Everyone gets down and life is just plain ol’ hard/messy sometimes. I’ll be thinking of you!

    • Thanks for the thoughts. Life is pretty mental, that’s for sure. But as they say, I guess you won’t appreciate the good things in life if you never have anything bad to deal with! Just got to ride it out sometimes I guess 🙂 Thanks again, and lots of love to you all over there!

  2. Okay – where has this blog been all my life. I’m not really a blog reader – I don’t really get it – but I LOVE this and I am officially following you 🙂 Nothing beats some wise and vulnerable words from a friend. xoxoxoxo

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