40 day letter-writing challenge…

I have decided to devote myself to 40 straight days of letter/email writing. Okay, honestly, they will be emails, but still, the point is to get connected and stay connected to the important people in my life, so email still does the trick nicely, although it lacks some of the charm of a real handwritten letter.

Anyway, in the past week or so it has been so fun and uplifting to send and receive emails from so many friends and family members! I thought it would be a great thing to keep this going, at least for the next 40 days! And really, sending a quick note to say hello and give a short life update only has to take a few minutes, so it’s not much of a time sacrifice. Not every letter has to be a great epic. And the good thing is that if you write letters more frequently, there is less need for those colossal mega-emails summarizing the last 5 years of your life! It’s a much more efficient way to do things. Little and often. I think even I can manage that!

So, every day for the next 40 days I will write at least one email and see what happens. It’s one of those things that will actually be happy and uplifting for me, and everyone loves getting notes and letters, so hopefully it’ll be nice for others too. Everyone wins.


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