Women for Women International…

‘One woman can change anything, but many women can change EVERYTHING.’

~ Women for Women International

So, it being Women’s History Month, I wanted to think of something special to do to celebrate women in the world and to support important causes related to women’s issues. The other day I came across an organisation I am extremely excited about and I am super eager to support.

The organisation is called Women for Women International, and they currently work in eight countries in Eastern Europe, Africa and the Middle East, in communities where violent conflict and war have left women devastated and vulnerable. Through a year-long course, these marginalized women learn valuable work and business skills as well as developing a better understanding of their rights and how they can be active and participating members of their communities and larger societies.

Reading some of the personal stories of the women who have participated in this program, left me touched and inspired. They have had loved ones murdered, homes destroyed, been displaced by conflict and struggled to provide for their families. Through this program they have taken the steps to rebuild their lives and it is amazing to see their successes and how happy they are, despite all they’ve been through.

If you’re interested in supporting these inspiring women around the world, you can give a donation or become a sponsor, helping one individual woman by subsidising her throughout her year-long course. You get to exchange letters with your sister throughout the year, learning about her experiences, and encouraging her during her journey to reclaim her life.

So, I’ve decided that Women for Women International is far too inspiring NOT to support. I’m making a deal with myself that I will give up a few luxuries every week and use the money saved to become a sponsor for one year. I figure if I give up eating take-away lunches at work, I can save the monthly pledge money quite easily, and then some. I’m excited to have such a great chance to celebrate the courage and strength of some amazing women for Women’s History (and future!) Month.


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