St Patrick’s Day festivities…

Last night, to celebrate St Patrick’s Day, we got to do something a little different. Since Richie just recently had to go to the Irish Consulate to get his new passport, he met the Consul there and was invited to the annual Patrick’s Day reception. It was held at the Hilton Hotel near Taksim Square and it was by far the classiest thing we’ve done in a while! Richie put on his suit and I finally got to make use of one of my favourite dresses that I brought back from Ireland at Christmas (which, incidentally, is green). There was lovely food, both Turkish and Irish (smoked salmon, yum!!!), some musicians playing traditional Irish music and one lone Irish dancer. But, of course, the best part was the free Guinness! Sadly, I didn’t get to partake in the Guinnessy fun, but Richie certainly did. I’m sure it wasn’t the best Guinness ever, about half a can poured into a wine class, but he seemed quite happy to have such a rare treat. Even a bad pint of Guinness is infinitely better than a good pint of Efes, so there you go!

We met the Consul who introduced us to his wife, and we just sort of mixed and mingled with a few people. It was a pretty relaxed event, and it was just nice to meet some new people, have a bit of a chat, and do something different, so we were really happy we went. Besides, who can say no to an evening of free food and drink?!


3 thoughts on “St Patrick’s Day festivities…

    • It was definitely nice to do something different and it was good to mark the day, although I’m still disappointed I didn’t get to sample the Guinness. Next year I guess 🙂 But I definitely made up for my lack of drinking with ample eating. Yum. Anything fun in Hamburg for Patrick’s Day?

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