Baby update…

Well, Richie and I just found out yesterday we’re having a boy! Now the search for names begins in earnest. I’m still having these momentary flashes when I can’t really believe any of this is happening, but with each doctor visit and with my belly starting to pooch out a bit, it’s slowly becoming more and more real. I’m happy that I don’t have to refer to the baby as ‘it’ any more. Calling it ‘he’ sounds so much more personal.

It’s funny anyway because I’d sort of been imagining a boy lately. I wouldn’t say I had a strong intuition about it, but that was just the image that came to mind. Also, and maybe this is true elsewhere, but I’ve been told here in Turkey that if you want to eat sweets when your pregnant, you’ll have a girl, but if you want sour things, it means you’ll have a boy. And I’ve been loving those lemons, as previously mentioned, and also enjoying Granny Smith apples and all that. So, maybe the old wives’ tale has some validity.

I also got to talk to the doctor a bit more about natural birth options, and I do feel better about things. She seems open to the whole thing, and it all seemed easier than I thought. I was anticipating resistance or whatnot. Anyway, we covered some basic questions, just to get the ball rolling, and I’m hoping to meet with a birth coach/doula in a few weeks and see what she has to say. Anyway, I feel a bit less worried about everything. I’ve just been hearing how natural birth seems non-existent here, so talking with the doctor was way more positive than I thought it would be.


8 thoughts on “Baby update…

    • Yeah, glad we get to even the score a bit 😉 Charlie won’t be all alone! Although I suppose we might still be living thousands of miles apart, so it might not make a huge difference to him, but still!

  1. A boy! A perfect little boy! I know nothing of little boys! You’ll have to teach me everything you know, if we ever have one. Can’t wait to hear what the little man is going to be named.

    Glad to hear the doctor was all for the natural birth!

    • Yeah, things seem a bit better than I thought. I just got some birth related books I ordered on Amazon and I’m looking forward to being better informed to make sure I get the support I want from the doctor. I’m a bit of a worrier, so I’m not 100% reassured yet, but it did seem like a positive start.
      It’s so fun to really start the name search too! There do seem to be so many more choices for girls, but I’m sure we’ll come up with something good for our little guy 🙂 Hugs!

  2. A boy!! Will he come out with a full beard and reading a book? 🙂 Very interesting about the sour v sweet wives’ tales. So glad everything is on the right track. Also grateful you are sharing this very personal experience with us. Here’s to the Morkan Trio!!

    • I hope so Erika. I’ve been imagine to myself what a bearded baby would look like. It’ll be really crazy if he’s born with glasses too! I guess we’ll just have to wait and see 😀 Big hugs and say hi to Steve for me!

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