Well, here’s some of the ultrasound video that we got on Monday when I had my appointment at the hospital.  It’s so fun to watch and I can’t get enough of it. And there’s no mistaking it; it’s a boy for sure!


5 thoughts on “Ultrasound…

  1. How amazing. I wish I would have had something like that a long time ago for me. What a wonderful time in your life.

  2. Phew. Talk about getting the baby bug!!!!!

    That is the best ultrasound I’ve ever seen! I’ve experienced many but none has looked so clear as that one. What an adorable guy!! I’m so glad you shared!!

  3. Ultrasounds are still so surreal to me, even ones that aren’t of a baby that I am growing. Just to know that we as humans are magnificant enough to make and then grow people inside of us is awe-inspiring. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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