Decaffeinate your own tea…

So, I’ve decided to try and avoid caffeine for the most part, although I know that having a bit of caffeine while your pregnant isn’t a big deal. For the first few months, this was super easy, since my body turned against tea and coffee anyway! But I am now reunited with my old friend, tea, and I feel very happy that we’ve gotten over our period of separation. I heart you Tea!

Anyway, I found a quick and easy way to decaffeinate this delightful leafy beverage, and it works with any variety of tea. All you have to do is heat the water to the appropriate temperature and pour just a little on your tea leaves/bag. After 30 seconds, pour out that water and then pour on the normal amount and brew how you usually would. Apparently the caffeine in tea is released in the first few seconds of brewing, so you just get rid of the caffeiny water and you’re set! Since the decaffeinating process is so easy and painless, I figure I might as well just do that. Anyway, thought I’d share, for all you non-caffeine folk out there!


One thought on “Decaffeinate your own tea…

  1. Now that’s a neat little trick I’m bound to use! I like coffee in the morning but after that I’m not one to want to be jazzed up all day.

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