Strange holiday beginnings…

Well, our holiday begins today, but unfortunately, not exactly as we planned. Richie headed off to Ireland this morning, bright and early on a 7.00 flight. But I’m staying home because my doctor advised me not to travel. It’s definitely disappointing. I’ve been looking forward to this trip, and our friends’ wedding, for the last six months. But these things happen, and obviously it’s better to look after my health and the baby’s health in situations like this. No point in taking unnecessary risks.

Anyway, I miss Richie already, but I’m glad he gets to spend the time with his family and have some fun as the best man in Andrea and Diarmuid’s wedding this coming weekend. He can drink plenty of Guinness while he’s there, and hopefully bring back some goodies too, such as bacon and cheddar cheese! Maybe even some Taytos.

Anyway, I’m already looking forward to him coming home. It does make me realize though, how lucky we are that we’re so seldom apart.

Now I think I’ll get myself together and at least go enjoy some of this nice fresh weather. A walk in the park perhaps, maybe a bit of reading in a cafe. Who knows?


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