My week of quietude…

Well, I don’t have much to report, other than the fact that I’ve had an extremely relaxing week. The weather has been gorgeous and right now I have all the windows open and am enjoying the fresh morning breeze blowing in while listening to all the birds singing outside. I love seeing the treetops all covered in leaves right outside our sitting room and bedroom windows, and mulberries on the trees are all green and unripe, but I’m looking forward to just reaching out the window to pluck them off soon!

My main activities this week have been eating, napping, sitting around, reading, catching up on some phone calls and emails, occasionally taking a stroll or eating out or going for coffee/tea, meeting a few friends… yeah, that’s about it. I’ve definitely had moments of boredom, and I’ve wasted more time playing stupid computer games like Mahjong and Minesweeper than I care to admit, but for the most part I’m just enjoying and trying to make the most of this quiet holiday.

Richie’s getting on well in Ireland, and I’ve been able to talk to him every day so far, which has been great. But today is the big wedding, so I doubt if we’ll really get to talk, since he’ll be rather busy. I’m so excited for our friends Diarmuid and Andrea and I hope they have a beautiful day, lots of fun and a great start to a great marriage. Richie says the weather is beautiful over there, warm and sunny, so perfect for a wedding. I’m sure it’ll be a great celebration and I’m so glad Richie’s there for it!

Well, the little guy is kicking loads these days, which is really fun. Today starts week 27! According to a few ultrasounds I’ve had, and the measurements they do, it looks like I’m a week further along than originally thought. So, I guess this means my due date might be more like September 4th instead of September 11th. I’m okay with that. I know due dates don’t mean a whole lot, but still, the 4th is potentially much more auspicious than the 11th, so I’ll go with that. So, only two weeks left of my second trimester! According to everything, I should have been very productive these last three months, since my energy levels were higher and I wasn’t so big in the belly yet. Unfortunately, due to my procrastinating nature, I have been completely unproductive in baby-preparation activities! Aside from the bit of shopping I did with my mom in America, I haven’t done anything! So, when Richie gets back, we’ll have to get on that. I have got some great shopping recommendations from my cousins recently, so I’m planning to see if I can find the stuff they think is most useful here, and then whatever we can’t get, we’ll probably order. One crazy thing though, about looking at baby things, is that it seems so hard not to end up with tons of plastic stuff! In a previous post I mentioned wanting to go as green as possible with baby toys and ‘supplies’, but my god, everything is plastic and at least half of it is battery operated! This green babyhood thing could be more complicated than I thought. I guess we’ll just have to see what we can do and try our best.




2 thoughts on “My week of quietude…

    • It’s just so addictive! Aaahhh! But today I hardly played at all and did more reading and such, which was nice. Trying to resist the pull of minesweeper! So hard sometimes 🙂

      Missing you too! Big mega hug!

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