27 weeks…

So, sorry it’s taken so long, but here’s a photo of me and the belly at 27 (almost 28) weeks. Also, I’m wearing one of the new dresses that my mother-in-law got for me and sent back with Richie! Thanks to her, I’ve got a whole new batch of lovely summer dresses and things to wear now, which is so great. I hadn’t realized how bored I was with all my old clothes, not to mention the fact that I only had a couple of maternity things to wear. So, now I’m all set for summer!

barefoot and pregnant


4 thoughts on “27 weeks…

  1. cutest pregnant lady ever!!! Aren’t new maternity clothes the best? It’s so refreshing to have something new to put over that cute belly! Thanks for the pics. Have fun with your new dresses!!! You should show all of them to us!

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