The goings on…

Well, last week we took a trip out to Istanbul’s IKEA to get a few pieces of furniture we really needed/wanted. And yesterday, we became the proud owners of a couch, a TV stand (for our new little TV) and a crib! So funny, but after living (comfortably, I might add) for a whole year without such luxuries as a couch, I am just so excited about having one! Great when what is normally a basic piece of furniture makes you feel like you’re living an extravagant lifestyle. I feel like a queen now, perched up on that nice fluffy couch!

Anyway, we also got a pretty inexpensive, but very nice, simple crib for the baby. It’s a nice petite size and it looks like we won’t really need to bother with a bassinet/moses basket/etc. at all because it’ll sort of work in that capacity first and then with the mattress lowered, will do for the rest of the baby’s babyhood. It’s nice too, because with just a little rearranging of the furniture, the crib will fit in our bedroom quite nicely. We figured that’ll work best for the first few months anyway, and maybe through the winter. It’ll be easier and more convenient to have him in the room with us for a while and it’ll mean just keeping one room warm and all the body heat in one place on those cold winter nights!

I’ve been spending way too much time over the last week or so doing research into various baby things we want/need. I’ve got the diaper situation sorted out (we’ve decided to go with cloth), and now it’s strollers and car seats. I’ve found some things online that look good, but we need to make a trip to the shop to look them over, especially the stroller which I want to try out for lightness and practicality, and all that. Anyway, it’s been quite a task. It’s fun, a bit too addictive, but also very time consuming! I have spent so much time in front of the computer looking at websites and reading product reviews, I think I’ve lost a lot of braincells.

I’m in the process of making a few appointments and arrangements for the next few weeks. In two weeks Richie and I are having a mini birthing class with a doula/birth instructor from a ‘birthing school’ in the city. I met her before, and she’s the one that gave me the recommendations on our new doctor and current doula. So, basically the point of the class is to learn some useful positions for labour and delivery, maybe some massage techniques and various things like that. The school offers a birthing course, but because of our work schedules, it’s impossible to commit to 6 or 12 weeks of free Mondays or whatever, so a short course with just the essential information will have to do us. I’m sure it’ll be fine.

Next will be to meet our doula, Amy, again. I guess there’s some stuff for us to discuss, like our preferences and expectations for various things, so that should be good. I’m looking forward to meeting her again.

Richie and I are also looking forward to his mother and sister coming to visit us next month! I think they’re arriving on 19 July and will be staying for nearly a week. It’s great and makes me really happy since I missed the trip to Ireland. It’ll be nice just to enjoy the weather, go on a few relaxing excursions and hang out. Plus they’ll get to see a very different part of the city from their last visit, so that’ll be fun too.

Well, I guess that’s about it for now. I really should get away from this computer and go outside. I think I’ll take myself for a walk in the sun and do a few errands I’ve been putting off. I definitely need to stretch my legs for a bit!


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