Meeting the doula, part 2 (and other random updates)…

So, Amy the Doula came over to our flat today for your second meeting. It was lovely. We chatted about various things, birth related and general. She’s really nice, so it was a pleasant visit. At the moment, I’m actually really tired, so this post probably won’t be the most coherent or informative, but still… it’s better than nothing.

Next week, Richie and I are going to head over the the ‘birth school’ I visited once before to meet another doula for a sort of crash course in birth preparation. This will involve, I presume, learning and practising some helpful positions for labour and some coping techniques like massage and whatnot. I’m looking forward to it. I’ve been reading quite a few books on labour and birth, so I have a bit of an idea of all this (and Richie’s started to study up too!), but it will be good to actually physically try some things out and learn whatever we can.

I’ve just actually worked for seven days in a row, which is the most I’ve worked in ages! Last weekend I finished up my classes from the previous term, and then right away on Monday morning I started a week long kids class. Every week teachers teach a different class of kids, to keep a bit of variety for both the students and the teachers, and the classes are 5 mornings a week for three hours a day. This week went pretty smoothly, I have to say. There is a rather loose curriculum, so we have a lot of freedom to do what we want to with the kids, which was nice, but maybe not the most organized for me! But my three students were really lovely, and we did some nice activities and I think overall it was successful. But I’m so so SO happy now to have two days off to recuperate! Especially since next week will be a bit mental. I will have another kids class, plus a private student of mine (just for two hours) and then I’m covering a friend’s classes (an extra six hours) while she’s away on holiday. So, split shifts and more hours than I’ve worked in ages. I’m going to make sure to take relaxing walks in the park in between classes and then come home for naps! I’d say by next Friday I’ll be wrecked!

Other than that, we’re slowly getting organized for baby. We’ve got a few shopping trips to go on for sure, and we’re trying to get our heads around what all we need, how to get out and get it, what needs to be ordered, etc. So far there’s been more thinking and planning than action, so I’m going to be excited to just get out to some shops or whatever and actually get things!

Well, I guess that’s about all I have the mental energy for at the moment. Now I will start my weekend by sitting on the couch with Richie, like a vegetable, then eat some dinner and watch a film. Sounds beautiful!


2 thoughts on “Meeting the doula, part 2 (and other random updates)…

  1. Oh Kim!

    I remember the week long book club classes at B.S.! Sometimes they were okay and other times they were dreadful. Take it easy lady. I can’t wait to hear that you’re having a baby!
    How’s Zeliha doing these days? (That was a joke)


    • Hey Delpha! So good to hear from you and to discover you have a blog! 🙂 Yeah, this week with kids was fine, but who knows what next week will bring. Fingers crossed it’s good! I’m keeping myself motivated by the fact that I’m probably only working for 2 or 3 weeks and then spending August relaxing and getting mentally and physically prepared for the ‘big day’. The walks in the park are key to my survival I think 🙂
      Hope things are good with you! I’m going to peruse your blog later. Lots of love and hugs and I’ll write you a proper email really soon.

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