Keeping busy…

Well, I certainly haven’t been very consistent with writing lately, and of course everything on here has turned rather pregnancy/baby centred. I’m sorry I don’t have any breathtakingly interesting cultural commentary to offer or general life insights (if I ever did!), but what can I do? These days my brain feels fully occupied by very basic tasks, like eating and sleeping and working, and then the rest is devoted to baby thoughts. It’s a bit overwhelming really!

I’ve been keeping busy with work, but apart from last week which was far too crazy and hectic, things have been going well. I’ve gotten into the swing of this whole kids teaching thing, and it’s more fun than I thought it would be. This week has felt particularly smooth, and I’m really savouring the experience. It’s fun to play some games, do some projects, read books with them, etc. I don’t think I’m really doing any life-changing teaching or anything, but things seem to be progressing well, the kids are happy enough and we’re getting things done- can’t ask for much more than that.

On Tuesday Richie’s mom and sister arrive, and I’m also taking the week off from teaching kids, so I’ll have the days free. I’m going to teach a couple of hours with a private student, but it’s hardly any work, so I can’t complain. It’s just going to be so nice to hang out lots and really just have a week of summer enjoyment, which is always more fun when you get to share it with someone else. Hopefully Richie won’t be working too much either, so we can all do some nice things together.

After my demented week last week, I realized that I need to make more time and mental space for centring myself, working on my physical, mental and emotional fitness and just sort of being in the moment and enjoying life. Over the last months there have obviously been so many things to think about, and there’s so much excitement, a bit of nervousness and anticipation and impatience, and, well, tons of emotions and thoughts bombarding me all the time! After our mini birth prep session last week, I’ve been thinking that I really need to calm myself and work towards being in a positive and balanced physical and mental state, because this whole birth experience and getting acquainted with a baby will be quite a monumental task! I want to be able to give it my all, but that will definitely be harder if I’m all scatterbrained and wired and wound-up! So, this week I’ve been doing some meditation and relaxation every morning before work, and then taking more walks after work as well as doing some yoga and stretching at home. I’ve also got some great books about birthing that I’m reading bits of every day, to keep positive stories in my mind and to help me focus on what’s most important right now. I certainly feel a lot calmer this week! It must be working, at least a little.

Well, Richie found out  he’s not teaching tonight, so that means we have the rest of the day to spend together. Since the weather’s been nicer, it’s been fun to get out of the apartment more and enjoy being out and about in the city. We’re discovering more nice places to go to in our ‘neighbourhood’ of Besiktas. It’s been nice to have a bit more time together in the last few weeks, to really connect and enjoy being just the two of us for a little while longer. I’ve loved just talking and talking, always one of my favourite things to do with Richie! Especially when we get to sit in a lovely tea garden or cafe, all comfy with a cup of tea or whatnot, on a bright and sunny day. Thank god for summer!

And here’s the latest big belly photo! It look so huge! And I’m only 32/33 weeks! I can’t imagine what it’ll be like at the end…


6 thoughts on “Keeping busy…

    • Richie told me to say: ‘is that what you tell people?’ I’d never say something like that, as you know. 🙂 I have to say though, proper slagging is something missing in our Turkish experience! Nobody does it quite as well as the Irish 😉

  1. Hi There , great to hear all is well, tell me what medtation do you do , keep trying it, with no luck.
    Take care , and all the very best, and take good care of each other

    • Hi Maura! Thanks for the message! How are you doing? When will you next be in Turkey? I have been thinking about how nice our stay was in Kusidasi and how I really wish we were able to come again this year! That was the nicest holiday ever and I’d certainly love to be swimming in the sea right now.
      For meditation, I just do a simple one where you sit and pay attention to your out breathing. Nothing fancy. I used to go to the Shambhala Centre in Dublin, on Herbert Street, just off of Baggot Street, and that’s where I learned the ‘technique’. It’s a nice place anyway and the people are nice, if you’re interested in giving it a try.
      Well, all the best and I hope you and Paul are keeping well! 🙂

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