Visiting the hospital…

Yesterday Richie and I did our trial run to the hospital where we plan to have the baby. Richie finished work at 10.30, so we met at the Besiktas ferry and headed over to the Asian side. I’ve been loving the ferry rides and the fresh, cool air on these hot, humid days! I think it’s largely to do with pregnancy, but I can’t seem to get un-hot sometimes!

Anyway, we got over to Uskudar and hopped in a taxi. Most of the route was motorway, which was really fast and efficient. I think the drive took about 20 minutes, so it wasn’t as far as I’d imagined when just looking at a map.

The hospital is only a year old, so very new and shiny and modern. We had a little tour of the little maternity ward, and we were very happy with what we saw. The labour/delivery rooms and the ‘recovery’ rooms looked nice and bright and comfortable and didn’t have the sort of horrible sterile hospital feeling. We also took a peak at the neo-natal/nursery area, which is just a short walk down the corridor. Everything was just in one small hallway, nice and convenient and compact. The hospital also practices rooming-in for the babies, so I’m glad that’s the standard practice anyway. We definitely got a good impression of the place and it’s nice now to have a mental picture of everything.

On another note, when we first arrived, the woman giving us the tour thought we’d be switching to the hospital doctor until we explained that we had a doctor already but just wanted to give birth there. So, anyway, she mentioned meeting the hospital doctor and how he would advise ‘surgery’ (i.e. C-section) and that it was ‘easier for the mother and baby’ and the ‘recovery time was quicker’, etc. Mental. So, that was when we said, thanks but no, we didn’t need to meet their doctor, we already have one! I just find it so crazy how within about 1 minute of being in the hospital talking about birth-related things, someone starts telling people they’ll need to have surgery to give birth and tell them how much better and easier it is!!!! After the visit I was thinking about it and I just felt sad and a bit angry that this is what so many women are told and believe! I definitely feel lucky to have access to books and knowledge about other birth options and to know people who have had different, and very positive experiences! Thank god for choices and the chance to be better informed about all these things! It really seems that here, women are lacking those things. I hope it changes in the future.

But that craziness aside, the hospital visit was positive, and I’m so happy we’ll have our doctor who I definitely trust, and our doula to help us. I’m really excited about everything and while certainly nervous about such a monumental experience looming on the horizon, I feel very positive and am looking forward to seeing what my body can do and to giving the baby the best possible start in life.

So, after the hospital visit, we came back to Besiktas and met our friend Marijke, so the rest of the day involved drinking tea/beer/water in lovely cafes/outdoor bars, eating Mexican food, and just enjoying being out and about in the great summer weather. It was a fantastic relaxing day!


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