Visitors, baby shower, and other things…

Well, I’ve just been looking at photos on facebook that Richie’s sister Frieda took while herself and Richie’s mom were here. Luckily someone was on the ball, because I just downloaded the photos off of my own camera and apparently I only took four photos the entire time!

Anyway, their visit was great and I can hardly believe I’ve already worked for a week since they left! The weather was perfect when they were here, we were out all the time, enjoying cafes and restaurants, sitting in lovely shady spots, enjoying the fresh air. I literally only worked for one hour while they were here, which was amazing, so it definitely felt like a holiday for me too. Richie didn’t have to work too much either. We got a lot of talking done, and of course, eating, two of my favourite pastimes!

During their stay, a couple of our friends, Kathleen and Marijke, organized a baby shower/picnic for us in Yildiz Park. That was great too. The park is on a hill and there are lots of trees, so you get a breeze and shade, not to mention it’s quiet and there are birds, squirrels and the occasional hedgehog. It was lovely for people to come out and we really appreciate all the gifts people brought! One of my missions for the weekend is to start writing thank-you cards for all the gift givers, both here and elsewhere- quite a diverse group from three countries!

Our apartment is now filling up with baby things! It’s pretty fun, I have to say. A couple of weeks ago we basically had nothing, and now we’ve got nearly everything we need! Just a few tiny bits and pieces left to buy. I’ve started the washing and organizing of all the baby clothes and blankets, etc., and it’s so fun to look at all the cute stuff over and over again. Still finding it hard to imagine actually putting a little person into all those outfits in a few weeks though!

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