And suddenly, I felt REALLY pregnant…

Well, this week it hit me- I’m pretty hugely pregnant. It’s funny because just Friday I had an appointment with my doctor and as we were chatting she asked me how I was feeling in general. I was happy to report that I felt rather energetic and overall, just good and healthy and lively. I’m still walking up hills, getting out for a stroll most days, keeping mildly busy around town and at home, and I can even still roll over by myself in bed at night (which is apparently somewhat noteworthy at this stage in the game)!

Suddenly, a couple of days ago, it all started catching up with me! I still feel quite energetic and of course healthy, but for one thing, the whole rolling over bit has become noticeably more difficult, and I DO notice every couple of hours when I wake up at night to go to the bathroom (again!) and whichever hip I am laying on feels completely cramped because of the huge, crushing weight of my body and my arm is asleep and my belly is in the way… then I’ve got to heave my ever-growing self out of bed, let my weight settle for a second, then with another burst of energy, stand myself up and waddle over to the bathroom, with my stiff back and gimpy, sleepy hips. Certainly not the most graceful performance, I’m sure. Who could have predicted getting up to go to the bathroom would be so much work!

Anyway, the point is I feel huge now. And the baby is definitely squishing my guts more and more! I know I’ve read/heard it a few times before, but the last month of pregnancy is certainly designed to get you ready to JUST HAVE THE BABY ALREADY! Still, I don’t feel bad and everything is quite manageable. Plus, it’s just fun still getting to feel all the baby kicks and wiggles, so I’m not in a big rush or anything. But give me a couple more weeks and I might be feeling a bit more impatient!

Update: About 15 minutes after I wrote this post, Richie came home and told me I’m still looking very sprightly for someone 9 months pregnant and complimented me on my fitness. How timely. Even just hearing that made me feel more energetic again! I heart my husband!


2 thoughts on “And suddenly, I felt REALLY pregnant…

  1. Well, that was awfully sweet of him!!! A good compliment never hurts. And now of course I must request: may we please have a picture so we can see just how “very sprightly” you’re looking?! You knew I was going to ask, huh?!

    Oh and since I’ve removed myself from fb please please please make sure you keep us updated via the blog when your little guy arrives!!!

    • Actually, I was thinking a new photo was in order as I was writing this post 🙂 Richie’s at work now, but I’ll make him take one later or tomorrow and stick it up on here for sure.
      And I’ll definitely keep you updated! Hope you’re enjoying your FB-free life. It’s definitely good to break the addiction, even if just temporarily!

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