Week 38…

Well, we’re in the final stretch now! As I’m sitting here typing this, the baby is wiggling all over the place, and he’s quite strong now. Sometimes his wiggles and kicks take me by surprise. Pretty soon he’ll be wiggling and kicking out here in the big wide world!

Yesterday was an extremely productive day. We started out at the doctor’s for my regular weekly check-up. Everything was good and during the ultrasound we got to see the baby’s face a bit, which was nice. Lately, he’s been hiding so it’s the first time we’ve caught a glimpse of his face in ages. The doctor said he’s very healthy and he’s moved down a bit more, so he’s gearing up for the big day the same as me. The doctor mentioned that she thinks he might come a bit before the due date and that he’s ready any time now, so who knows. We could have a baby tomorrow or two or three weeks from now! I hope he comes a bit sooner rather than later, especially since I’m not allowed to have sugar or salt in the meantime! The gradual cutting-out of sugar has been going on for the last couple of weeks, but yesterday I was retaining a bit of water and had puffy ankles, so the doctor said no salt either. So annoying! Especially when it comes to eating any food that I don’t make myself at home. Pretty much anything you get in a restaurant, cafe, bakery, etc., is at least a bit salty. I don’t mind doing this for a couple of weeks, but it certainly isn’t the most fun! I just love food too much and restrictions on my enjoyment of food are just not okay! I told Richie that after the baby’s born, I’d like a cake to celebrate. I’m looking forward to that bit of indulgence.

So, after a nice long chat with the doctor and all that fun stuff, we headed back over to Besiktas and had a bite to eat (plain, unsalted veggie omelette and salad for me). Then we stopped by my school to pick up the stroller we ordered a couple of days ago and once we got home, Richie put the finishing touches on that (i.e. connecting wheels, etc) and then later he moved our wardrobe out of the bedroom and put the crib together in our room! It’s exciting having it put together and I love seeing it there every time I walk into the room! Once I actually tidy things up a bit, I’ll have to take a few photos to post.

Today we’re planning to go to the Saturday bazaar in Besiktas for the first time ever (we usually worked on Saturdays so never went before). There are a few things we want to get, maybe some tupperware for freezing meals for when baby arrives, and some buckets and wash basins. I want to be able to hand wash cloth diapers, just as an option, so having an appropriate bucket will be necessary. We’ve got the big, flat, fold-yourself cloth diapers, which are meant to be the easiest to hand wash and line dry, so I want to give that a try to avoid using the washing machine every day, once we get the hang of the whole cloth diaper thing.

Tomorrow Richie just works for a short while and then he’s on holiday for a week, thanks to it being Ramazan Bayram (end of Ramadan holiday, also called Seker Bayram, or ‘sugar holiday’). This is a three-day holiday that celebrates the end of a month of fasting and is one of the biggest of the year in Turkey. However, this year, since the actual holiday falls on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, the government decided just to make it a full week  long, which effectively turns into a 9-day holiday including the weekends. Sounds pretty great! My friend Paul is arriving from the US on Tuesday, so it’ll be great that both Richie and I are off to enjoy his visit. I can’t wait.


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