As requested, some recent belly photos…

Interesting that I’m nearly wearing the same outfit in both of these photos. Not that interesting really. In the hot weather when I’m just at home, I’m usually found in one of about 3 different tank tops. Anyway, just for the record, I do have other clothes! That’s all.

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4 thoughts on “As requested, some recent belly photos…

  1. You’re the most beautifully and cutest dressed pregnant lady I’ve ever seen Kim – you have lots of lovely clothes. Just remember to stop wearing them when the bump has come out!!!

  2. Awwwww – yay! Thank you!!! You ARE beautiful and so is your baby belly!!!

    And I know exactly what you mean about wearing the same clothes I was definitely the same way at the end of pregnancy.

  3. Wow, Kim, you look amazing!!! You look exactly the same size except for this giant baby bump. Love it!! Can’t wait to see pics of what’s inside.

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