Little update…

Well, Liam has certainly been keeping us busy. So far he seems to alternate calm and cranky days, and also wakeful and sleepy days. Yesterday he just slept and slept, and today he’s hardly slept a wink (actually he is napping now, so I have a few spare minutes to post this!). I’ve been working on figuring out his signals and interpreting his various cranky mutterings and cries. I’m also trying to get him to eat calmly! He nurses fine in general, although his own hands tend to get his way, so I have to sort of hold them down out of his way, and then he tends to shake his head around and acts agitated for a tiny bit, grunting and panting with hunger and excitement, and then finally he’ll get down to business and eat properly. It’s actually quite cute, until he get’s himself upset, and then it’s not so cute any more. But we’re coping with his uncontrollable hands okay now.
He has ended up with a nice night time routine, which has been great for us. Generally we go to bed around midnight and he nurses right before we put him down to sleep. He tends to wake up around 3-something for a feed and diaper change, and then again around 7-something for more of the same. So, we’ve been getting 3 or 4 hour stretches of sleep at night, which is great. And it took no effort on our part to get this routine going!
We’ve also got him started on the cloth nappies. We’re still putting him in disposables at night, but all day he’s in cloth and really they don’t seem to be much extra work. He looks pretty cute in his big fluffy woolly covers and those are working quite well. But my goodness do small babies go through the nappies! The diaper changing seems never ending at times! My favourite is when you’ve just changed a diaper, and about 10 seconds later he goes again. Then, even after a decent wait to make sure he’s finished, you change him and he goes YET AGAIN. But at least we’ve gotten pretty speedy at the ol’ nappy changing thing anyway!
Anyway, today I’m completely worn out because he’s been so wide awake for most of the day, but at the same time he hasn’t actually been cranky. Just energetic and in need of snuggling and entertainment. He’s awfully sweet so I can’t complain too much! But I am seriously looking forward to bed tonight!


2 thoughts on “Little update…

  1. love it!!!!!! Liam is adorable! Glad to hear that he is sleeping well for the most part. And I must say that I love your bright blue outfit. I want to steal it.

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