Tiny adventures and whatnot…

Well, the big accomplishment of the past week has been getting out of the flat with Liam and going on a few outings. So far I haven’t ventured out on my own, although I now feel confident enough to attempt it. But friends have come by to help me get both the stroller and Liam out the door, which has been such an amazing help. Then on Friday Richie and I went to one of our favourite local cafes, drank tea and talked, just like ‘old times’ (aka four weeks ago). Now I’m really excited about making walks a part of our daily routine. I’d love to get out of the flat most days, either to walk to the park or something, or to meet friends nearby for coffee or lunch. I definitely want the exercise and I know I feel much more cheerful and human when I get out in the world. I’m sure being out and about will be good for Liam too.

I’ve also decided to set myself a few modest intellectual goals too, to keep my brain from going to mush or being completely consumed by baby-care. I want to try learning a bit of Turkish again (about the millionth time I’ve set this goal), listen to some interesting podcasts (i.e. the Economist and Radiolab) and watch TED talks online, etc., and read some of the essays by Michel de Montaigne. Hopefully that’ll keep me feeling like I’ve got something going on in my brain!

And, here’s a little video of Liam.


3 thoughts on “Tiny adventures and whatnot…

  1. You look GREAT Kimberly!!! And yes a mushy brain is a good thing to avoid! Even if nothing else works out reading a book that’s completely for fun has helped me when I need a little break.

    Love you and kiss that baby boy for me!

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