Out and about…

Today I managed to get myself and Liam out of the flat all on my own! It was a great accomplishment and not so difficult really. The weather has been rainy and cold so far this week, so I had him all bundled up with a nice fleecy blanket, but at least today it wasn’t raining. Well, there was a slight mist for a while, but that’s not so bad. I think the weather is meant to improve next week, so I’m looking forward to a few more warm, sunny walks before winter sets in.

We also went to get his passport photo taken, which I thought was a great success too. However, I think his face is 2mm too big in the photo (they’re very particular about these things!), so I’ll have to go back tomorrow I think, and get them re-done. I’m hoping they have the photo saved on their computer so maybe they can just resize it, because getting a floppy little one-month old baby into the perfect position for a passport photo isn’t really that easy.

After our photo adventure, I decided to stay out a bit and go for a walk around Dikilitaş since we were already out and about. It felt great to have a stroll and I even enjoyed the brisk air. Now that I’ve managed it once, I’m definitely going to make walks a very regular part of our daily ‘routine’. Okay, we don’t have a routine at all, but still, I want to take a walk pretty much every day, at least when it’s not raining. Getting out of the flat make me feel so much better and so much more refreshed. And Liam has a great snooze whenever he’s in the stroller and looks so happy and peaceful. I’m sure the fresh air and different sights and sounds are good for him too.

Well, here he is, all snug and comfy in his stroller on our outing. The sun even peaked out for a bit which was great!


3 thoughts on “Out and about…

  1. So glad you’re getting out b/c you’re right some days that makes all the difference in the world!!! I hope you get to enjoy it often as you plan to before winter sets in!

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