Family visits, passport dramas and other goings-on…

Well, Liam is now seven weeks old (almost eight!). He’s becoming so much more social all the time and I swear he gets cuter every day. I’m just really loving hanging out with him. He keeps me busy but I’m definitely enjoying my new job.

Richie’s mom and sister came for a short visit earlier this week, which was great fun. I’m so happy Liam got to meet a couple more members of his family while he’s still a tiny baby. By the time anyone else meets him around Christmas and New Year, he’ll be over three months old and a whole different baby, I’m sure. The first night, when they arrived, he was a bit out of sorts and didn’t want to be held by anyone, but it seems he was just a bit over-tired. I was a bit worried that he’d be particular about who held him during their visit as a result, but as it turns out he was perfectly sweet the rest of the time and spent ages sleeping in both his granny and auntie’s arms and laps, looking completely peaceful and content with himself. It was great for him to get the extra dose of love and snuggling! They also brought loads of goodies for us all- rashers, sausages, chocolate, tea, etc. for Richie and me, and some cute clothes and things for Liam. It was a short visit but it felt like a small holiday and I’m so glad they got to come!

Well, we’re currently in the process of getting Liam’s passport and it’s proving to be a bit bothersome. First it took a couple of tries to get his photo done correctly and it delayed us turning in the application. Then we forgot to get a certain part signed, so I had to take it back to Liam’s doctor who signed as a ‘professional witness’ sort of person. Then we sent in the application to the Irish consulate in Istanbul. Yesterday Richie got a call from the Irish embassy in Ankara to tell us that we need to get a sort of official birth certificate, different from the birth certificate we got for Liam at the hospital where he was born. After sending a few text to people we know here, it turns out Richie will have to go over to the Asian side to the part of the city where Liam was born and get this more official birth certificate from a kind of births registration office. Then Richie’ll have to take to the Irish consul to be sent on to the embassy and then everything will be sent on to be processed in Dublin. It’s all been a bit complicated and more annoying than I thought it’d be. And the really annoying thing is that I’m not sure if we’ll get it in time to travel for Christmas. We’ll still take our trips home in January if we have to, but obviously Christmas would be much more fun and especially with Liam, I’d love to be at one of our homes for the holidays, even though of course it’ll make no difference to him! I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

So, that’s our current drama. It’s certainly been a learning experience anyway!

And to finish up, here are a few photos of little Liam!


3 thoughts on “Family visits, passport dramas and other goings-on…

    • Thanks Jayne, me too! We’ll be in Ireland this winter, sooner or later, and finally we’ll have to meet up. I’ll be around for a few weeks, so it’ll be easier to sort out than last winter. 🙂

  1. Oh I’m so happy Richie’s mom and sister got to meet Liam – and a little bit jealous, too!!!! I hope all the passport stuff gets cleared up without too much more of a headache. Blah. Thanks for more pictures!!!

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