Ten weeks old…

Little Liam is now ten weeks old (as you may have gathered from the title of this post)! He’s basically an awesome kid. He’s fully into smiling now, and we now have conversations with him cooing at me, and me cooing or talking back to him and him responding with more coos. It’s so cute and fun to actually communicate with him (although I have no idea what we’re really communicating about, but who cares- it’s cute all the same). He’s slowly starting to get more into longer naps, which is great for me. I haven’t done anything to create a schedule or whatnot, but over the last few days, he’s started having a long nap in the late morning or early afternoon and then another long ‘nap’ in the evening (although, this might really be him falling asleep for the night, and then just waking up for his normal feeding/changing routine at about midnight). I’ve been able to take some long naps along with him which makes my life so much easier. I love having him all swaddled up next to me on the bed looking so peaceful, and I just take my snooze next to him. Sometimes I think he sleeps better that way, knowing I’m right there with him.

Last week my lovely friend Jen came to visit, and we had a great time. We were out and about every day, basically eating our way through Istanbul. There was a little shopping involved too, and a few films watched at home, but mostly just eating and talking. Perfect visit. And through it all, Liam was calm and happy and amazing! I could hardly believe it. Last Wednesday we had a busy day, getting out early-ish in the morning, and then he had his 2-month doctor appointment which involved 4 vaccinations, and even having gone through that ordeal, he was in a perfectly happy mood the rest of the day. Unbelievable. He’s awesome.

He’s still on the lower end of weight gain but he’s grown enough over the last month, so I’m not worried about him. Just seems like that’s the way things will go for him. He certainly eats all the time, so I’m not starving him! He grew a few centimetres too, and now he’s too long for most of his 0-3 month size clothes. It’s been fun to dress him in some cute hoodies and fleeces as the weather gets colder. I also love wrapping him up in this fleece blanket he has for naps, and holding him while he sleeps in that is so cozy. It does make me a bit jealous though, because I want to be all wrapped up in fleecy blankets too, but at least I get to snuggle him to feel warmer.

Well, he’s been sleeping on Richie’s lap but is starting his stretching and wriggling wake-up routine, so my time here is probably about to run out. But here are a few photos of Liam over the last few weeks.


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