Liam update: three months old…

Well, Liam’s three months old now, which I guess means he’s leaving newborn-babyhood behind him. He’s full of energy these days, sleeping lots at night (but still waking every few hours to feed), and hardly sleeping at all during the day, so I’m definitely kept on my toes! He doesn’t like laying down for very long to play, but prefers being help up in our laps so he can see everything that’s going on. He likes to stretch his legs and push himself up while we hold him. Obviously it’s a long time before he stands up, but he seems to like working out his leg muscles. He has managed to roll himself over from his stomach onto his back, but he just did it a few times one day last week or so, and hasn’t repeated the trick yet, so I think it was just a fluke.

favourite photo ever!!!

I think he gets more fun and cuter every day. I loved him as a newborn, but it’s so much fun to watch him change and interact with people and the world more and more. He’s rather serious much of the time, but he certainly does smile lots and he’s very chatty which I absolutely love! His baby babble vocabulary is growing all the time. He also now likes it when I blow raspberries on his cheeks and belly. He’s just about to the stage where he can grab things and put them in his mouth. When I hold toys over him, he more or less grabs on to things and tries to get it to his mouth, although his success in that endeavour is still a bit sporadic and he gets a bit frustrated by it. I’m sure it won’t be long at all until he can do it properly.

He’s still a very calm baby. He doesn’t ever just have a random crying fit. I think we’re getting pretty good at figuring out what he wants when he’s fussing, although I’m sure sometimes it must annoy him to be mistaken for overtired when he’s hungry, or vis-versa! We sure got lucky with him having such an easy-going disposition!

Our EC experiment is going pretty well too. Just about every day Liam get’s some diaperless time on the floor, and I continue to try and figure out his signals and timing for pottying. I must admit I’m not so good on the signal side of things, but every now and then, when he suddenly fusses or something like that, I hold him over his potty bowl and he does, in fact, go. But mostly we have a routine of me changing his diaper right after each feeding and offering him the potty. He does just about all his poops at these times now and he often pees too. He is a very frequent pooper (I can’t believe it when I read some babies only poop once every few days!!!), so while we’re catching most now, sometimes there’s a sneaky one that gets by us. Anyway, it’s been great because he’s hardly ever sitting in a messy diaper, he doesn’t have any diaper rash, I scarcely ever have to change a messy diaper, and we are running the washing machine less which is great for our electricity and water bills! And besides all that, it’s just kind of fun to help him go to the potty. He does look pretty funny/cute, with his bare butt dangling over a bucket!

Obviously, the difficult thing about having Liam here is that we’re far away from both our families, which is no small thing. However, I’m so glad we went for it, because in so many ways, our living situation is ideal for having a baby. First and probably most importantly for me, I’m able to take an extended maternity leave without much financial stress. Also, Richie is home frequently, which means I get breaks (beautiful breaks!!!) and he gets to spend more time with Liam. Even if it’s just a short time he has at home in the middle of the day, it’s so amazing that Richie can hang out with Liam, and I can just have a while when I can do things like go to the bathroom, make a cup of tea, eat some food, or do some household chores- all at a normal pace instead of rushing around before Liam cries or wakes up or whatever. Also, since we’re in the middle of a city, with friends nearby, it’s easy for me to meet someone for lunch or coffee out in town, which completely SAVES MY SANITY. I love hanging out with Liam, but regardless, I’m not the kind of person who can stay at home for more than about two consecutive days without feeling stir-crazy. Plus Liam get’s to see the world and spend time with other people too. I love that he gets to be held and talked to by other people, and I feel good that he’s getting that socializing in early. And when I do go back to work, after our winter travels, I’m so so so happy that Richie and I will be tag-teaming the childcare. I know lots of people have to do it, and it’s not the worst thing in the world, but I still just hate the idea of having someone else spending the whole day with my baby. I especially hate the idea of day care! So, when I’m back to work part-time, Richie will have more time at home with Liam, and we should still be completely fine financially. At least for Liam’s first year, I’m happy this is the arrangement we’ll have. After that, who knows, but at least he gets a good year in first.

So anyway, it’s been a fast and slow and certainly FULL three months. Liam’s a great little boy and I’m so glad we get to keep him!

And finally, here are the latest videos of the little man:


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