Festive fun and Liam’s first Christmas…

It was a really nice Christmas, although we obviously didn’t get back to Ireland for it as we’d originally planned. Liam’s passport wasn’t ready in time, but at least it’s ready now so we’ll be doing our home-travelling at the end of the month! Can’t wait!

Anyway, this Christmas felt much more festive than our first one in Istanbul. I decorated the plants in our sitting room with some cheap baubles and fairy lights. We got a couple parcels with chocolate and other goodies from Richie’s mom and sister and we’ve been enjoying stuffing our faces with those and drinking hot chocolate (and the occasional sip of brandy!) while watching Christmassy films like Miracle on 34th Street and It’s a Wonderful Life. I also found shows like the Grinch and Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer on youtube.com, so that was great too!

On Christmas Eve we went to a party at our friends Sara and Amanda’s apartment, which involved delicious cookies, some mulled wine, festive music and they even had a lovely Christmas tree! Although I think the best part was the light-up Santa hats. On Christmas morning Richie, Liam and I hung out at home and enjoyed a relaxing start to the day, while watching It’s a Wonderful Life and eating yummy stuff from our local bakery. And Liam got his first presents from Santa! It was fun, although obviously, he didn’t really know or care what was going on. In the evening we went to Dan and Kathleen’s place for an amazing pot-luck, vegetarian Christmas feast. It was delicious and I was appropriately over-stuffed at the end, in proper holiday fashion.

So, here are some photos and videos from it all:


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