Liam’s first holiday: Part 1…

…Dublin!!! Our stay in Ireland began after an easy first flight ever with Liam. I had a bit of a headache, which wasn’t too fun, but he was easy to manage so that was nice. I do remember that on a flight that was only about four hours long, he managed to need about five diaper changes, which involved messy poops and multiple changes of clothes as well as him peeing on himself mid-change. It was pretty funny, but obviously not the most convenient. It’ll make for a good story in the future though: “Liam, you were so excited on your first flight that you peed right on your own face!” We’ll save that story for when he brings home a future girlfriend or something.
We stayed in Ranelagh right downstairs from our friends Diarmuid and Andrea, which has become our holiday flat. It’s great to have our own place to stay so we’re not in anyone’s way and we can come and go as we please. It’s been so lovely to be able to stay there on our past few visits. Basically, we spent about four days meeting with friends I used to work with in Kafka, eating good food and drinking nice coffee, then spending evenings with Andrea and Diarmuid, which also involved great food actually, as well as some particularly nice Scotch, etc. It’s so fun that even after a year away, when you meet up with good friends it’s as if you’ve never left at all. It was so homey.

Here are a few random photos from those first few days:

More to come soon….


3 thoughts on “Liam’s first holiday: Part 1…

  1. Believe me, I’d love to! I’ve just been so busy it’s making my head spin!!! Looking forward to things slowing down, whenever that might be! 🙂

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