Days when you kind of want to quit life but then everything turns out okay afterall: how sunshine, fig tarts and a cancelled class saved the day ….

What started out as a frumptastic day has been steadily improving as the day goes on. Last night was not the most peaceful night. This is my calm, understated way of saying that Liam was awake a couple times, which involved hours of fussing and crying (mostly coming from Liam) and very little sleep (for any of us). His night time sleep has definitely improved over the last couple of weeks, but often there is at least one ‘glitch’ during the night: one spell of needing help calming down, one bit of fussing or crying, etc. Last night was the worst we’ve had in a while. Anyway, he woke up at 4:30 am and cried and fussed  FOREVER and eventually at about 6:30 we gave up, brought him into our bed for his morning feed since I felt half dead and unable to actually get out of the bed. Then he fell asleep next to me (which wasn’t surprising since he’d worn himself out!) and the we all got about an hour of sleep. But we wanted to stay on his sleep schedule as much as possible, so at 7:30 we made a ‘late’ start to our morning. Richie had to go to work earlyish, and I had to attempt to stay awake for a bit before Liam’s eagerly anticipated morning nap!

Well, his next feeding came, and he had his nice mashed banana for breakfast, and then, sticking to his morning schedule, I put him on the potty and then tucked him into bed. We do this EVERY DAY at pretty much the exact same time, but today he wasn’t having it at all. I was desperate for a nap too, but no such luck. Basically, it became a contest of stubbornness, me getting crankier and crankier because he wouldn’t just go to sleep, and Liam getting louder and louder crying and fussing and rolling around and generally just being his most difficult self. Not surprisingly, Liam won out and I got him up, but mostly because by this point I was starving! So I plopped him in his playpen and cooked pasta for breakfast in the only clean pan in the kitchen, slapped a bit of pesto on it and inhaled it while Liam played next to me on the sitting room floor.

After that much needed energy recharge, and with Liam still rather fussy for being overtired, I decided to give naptime a second shot. Another big fail for me. Same crying and tossing and turning. So, then I brought him back into the sitting room, turned on his electronica baby mix (i.e. Daft Punk), and bounced him on my knee. It wasn’t long before this seemingly unrelaxing combination had him dozing off in my lap, so then I made my third, and finally successful attempt at putting him down  for a nap.

I contemplated jumping right into bed myself, but I need to unwind a bit from everything and get that stressed feeling out of my system, so gave myself a big treat by brushing my  teeth and washing my face (but not bothering to get out of my pajamas) while brewing a cup of tea, which seemed like the best possible remedy for my current state. It was, in fact, magical. I don’t know what it is about tea, but that hot cup of cha with its lovely earthy smell, and a bit of deep breathing, really started improving my mental situation.

It wasn’t long before Richie returned home, with yummy pastries for lunch and a few little sweet treats from the bakery too! I was super happy to see him. Liam woke up a while later, and we had another cup of tea and our little fig tarts on the balcony together. It was just beautiful outside! Sunny with a lovely fresh breeze, birds singing, trees with their fresh  baby leaves all around us and our amazing city view. Liam was much happier after finally getting some sleep and we all just had a peaceful time out there.

Then Richie had a nap, and then I had a nap, and now Liam is having another nap, and then later (since his first one was so short) Richie will have another nap… lots of much needed sleep catch up. I feel like a new person!!! And on top of that, Richie’s evening class cancelled, so we’re all here hanging out together now!

Anyway, a story about the parents of a seven-month-old baby occasionally having a terrible night’s sleep isn’t a particularly surprising or original one, but the point of this long ramble is more that I feel so drastically more cheerful and peaceful now than I did this morning. And thank god for that.

On a completely unrelated note, here are some photos of Liam from the last couple of weeks!


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