Tip-toeing through the tulips…

We’ve finally witnessed some of the tulip extravaganza in Istanbul! The last two years we didn’t manage to get to a park too see them all in full bloom, so this year I was determined to get to see the tulips in all their glory. It was really lovely and we had such a nice walk through the park.

So, as my little bit of fact sharing for the day, even though most people associate tulips with the Netherlands, the flowers were first commercially cultivated in the Ottoman Empire. The tulip motif is pretty common around here, on pottery, scarves, embroidery, decorative tiles, etc. Quite beautiful. Anyway, here are some photos of the genuine articles!


2 thoughts on “Tip-toeing through the tulips…

  1. I especially love the purple and yellow together……….so pretty. One year we got into some suburb of Chicago and they have a tulip park……..so wonderful. Glad you’re enjoying the tulips. Love, Aunt Mary

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