A new incarnation of Charlie Brown?…

See any similarities?

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5 thoughts on “A new incarnation of Charlie Brown?…

  1. I like your new vow. I agree with what you say about the political gobbledygook!!! I also liked and learned a lot of the past from the images in and out the caves. Just thinking about how different things are now than just one hundred years ago. Because of the pictures.

    • Yeah, I just love the history, obviously 🙂 It is amazing to consider how much things have changed, like you said, even over a relatively short amount of time, never mind over thousands of years!

    • Baby faces are so funny because it seems like every day, or depending on his expression or whatever, we go back and forth about if Liam looks like me or Richie or whoever! Just today we were talking about how Liam looks like Richie’s baby photos, but other times I think he looks like a pic of me on my first birthday. Always fun to hear what other people think about who he looks like 🙂 Since you say that though, I can see a glimpse of Jessica, hahaha!

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