Productivity and great weather = amazing day!…

Today was such a simple but absolutely lovely day! The weather was gorgeous, although there were a few times when it looked like it might rain. The sun won out though in the end! We had a relaxing morning, catching up on a bit of sleep (Liam had a TERRIBLE night’s sleep last night!!!), having a nice breakfast, and that sort of thing. We finally decided it’s time for Liam to move into his own room, so I organized the back room which had basically just become a messy storage space. It didn’t really take long and I felt quite accomplished looking at it all tidy and cleared out. So then Richie moved Liam’s crib and changing table back there.

After all that we headed out for a bit of lunch at our usual bakery, and it was just so nice and relaxing to have a walk, enjoy the great weather and have a bite to eat and a chat. I just felt so relaxed and refreshed! When we got back to our apartment, we stopped to chill out in our garden (as in, the whole building’s garden) and that also made me extremely happy. It’s nice and shady, with a canopy of vines and tree branches and leaves over some benches, and then there are some fruit trees and rose bushes and some other trees and shrubs. I took Liam on a mini-tour and he enjoyed checking out the leaves and branches.

After sitting in the garden for a bit and then heading back upstairs, Liam hung out with Richie in the sitting room and I FINALLY tackled the job I’ve been avoiding- a total cleaning of the bathroom. Blah. I basically bleached EVERYTHING-the walls, the floors, the sink and all the buckets and random things in there. It wasn’t exactly very glamorous, but it feels great to have it properly cleaned!

Now Richie’s at work and Liam’s tucked into bed in his new room, and I’m going to wash a few dishes and then heat up some leftover’s for dinner. Overall, it was the most productive day I’ve had in ages! I don’t know what came over me, but I’m glad I finally got that cleaning and organizing vibe going! I hope it lasts for another week or so, so I can get the whole apartment nice and tidy before getting lazy again!

So, the final bit of news is that tonight we start a fresh attempt at getting Liam to learn to sleep better on his own, which yeah… doesn’t sound that fun, but it has to be done. We’ve been trying for ages now to get him to sleep though the night and we haven’t made much progress. He’s been in our room and throughout the night we have to comfort him and help him back to sleep numerous times. He’s been teething too (he’s got his two top front teeth in now) which hasn’t helped, but even besides that he hasn’t been sleeping that well and basically we’re just completely worn out. So, maybe he’ll do better in his own room. I imagine there will be a few nights of  lots of crying, but Richie and I are going to take turns dealing with Liam during the night, so at least one of us will be getting sleep for a while before taking over with Liam so the other one of us can sleep. Fingers crossed it won’t take him too long to get the idea. Who knows. It can’t get much worse than it is now, so anything is worth a try at this point.

And now I better get myself to the kitchen!


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