Liam and stuff…

I think this post will be a random collection of Liam updates, just to warn anyone reading the jumbled up mess coming up…

So, first of all, we took some good advice from my cousin and decided to just leave Liam be at night and let him work things out on his own. On paper, I’m against the whole letting-baby-cry-it-out thing, but exhaustion forces one to be open-minded. On the first night of trying this, Liam slept straight through from 7pm until 4am, cried for a bit (I was planning to get up and feed him, but decided to wait just a few minutes to see what happened) and then fell asleep again until 6.30am at which time I decided to wake him up (since 6am is our usual wake up time)! Unbelievable! Richie and I didn’t want to get too excited though, because he was definitely more tired than usual from the previous terrible night’s sleep and skipping a nap that day. In a case of unfortunate timing, Liam got a fever yesterday and was out-of-sorts and needed lots of snuggling. So, then I felt really bad wondering if he’d been feeling sick and feverish the previous night and that had something to do with his extra sleeping. Anyway, I’d been meaning to make his regular 8-month check-up with his doctor, so we just decided to kill two birds with one stone and take him in to see about his fever too.

The doctor said it wasn’t anything serious and just to give him paracetamol (aka tylenol) and gave some other advice for coping with the fever and told us to bring him back if it got really bad or lasted for a few days. We gave him his medicine and did our usual night routine, but he just wouldn’t fall asleep. I felt terrible leaving him to cry it out knowing he wasn’t feeling great, but staying with him just seemed to be prolonging his crying rather than helping him, and sure enough, after leaving him alone, he was probably asleep in 10 minutes! Then he slept the entire night until 6am! He still was feeling bad today though, which was difficult because I had an appointment with my doctor and Richie and Liam had to come along (because it’s really hard to travel too far in the city on my own with Liam with taxis and ferries and all that). The poor kid was so out of it, but I just figured most of his problem was that he was tired, since he didn’t have much of a morning nap today. When we got him home, he had a pretty high temperature, so we gave him a dose of paracetamol and a lukewarm bath too bring it down, which did work, although he didn’t enjoy it very much. After the medicine kicked in, he was definitely feeling better, and was smiling and playing on his own a bit. Now, he’s tucked into bed and will hopefully be feeling better tomorrow. Fingers crossed. It’s so terrible seeing babies so unhappy and feeling bad and not being able to just make the problem go away! But it was nice to be able to just hold him loads and snuggle him with his head resting on my shoulder and give him lots of love today and yesterday.

So, that’s Liam’s teething/fever drama. We’ll see what happens with the sleep, but I do think it’s finally going to work and we’ll all be getting better rest! It’s very exciting!

Like I mentioned, Liam went to the doctor and she said he’s now the size of a 1-year-old, so we don’t have to worry about his weight gain or anything! He’s just over 9 kilos (almost 20lb) and 70cm (27.5 inches) long. And a third tooth is just about to pop through (hence the fever).

And here are some photos, where I think I was trying to catch a glimpse of his two teeth, but instead just got lots of him with his tongue hanging out. Actually, he has his tongue hanging out most of the time it seems, so there you go! Also, here’s a video of us at our favourite local cafe a couple days ago. Liam fell asleep on the walk there, and then while we were eating and he was napping, the staff turned on some rather loud Turkish dance music and he slept right through it, even though the speaker was right next to us, so that was kind of funny. And the other video is just him trying to get the camera. Sometimes he’s doing something cute, playing with something or being silly, and I want to get a photo or video, but as soon as he sees the camera he comes dashing over to get it and won’t give up until I hide it. So, that rather limits the photo opportunities! Maybe he’ll be a photographer some day.

And on a final note, I just love having a baby, and I love having Liam in particular. He’s just so adorable and fun and gets cuter all the time. He’s a great kid and I’m just so happy he’s with us! I feel all warm and fuzzy about it! Okay, that’s all.


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