Only four months late: Liam’s baptism…

Well, Liam’s baptism was February 12th, so obviously, as mentioned in my previous post, I’m a bit behind on all my blog posting!

We had his christening in Richie’s hometown Templemore in Tipperary on the day Liam turned 5 months old. There are a couple of Catholic churches in Istanbul, but we wanted to wait until we were in Ireland because we figured that for any future religion-related event (first communion, wedding, etc), we or he might need to get documentation of his baptism and then would have to get it from a church in Turkey, which would be rather inconvenient, since we plan on living thousands of miles away from here for most or all of our future! It was also great to have the baptism in Ireland because it was pretty simple to plan (I think it was- really, Richie’s mother did the planning for us!). I know in the US, you have to do a pre-baptism course and things like that, but in Ireland we didn’t, and since we didn’t have a lot of time, it was nice to have the simplicity. Plus, we wanted to have it with at least part of our family and lots of our friends to celebrate with us, so that’s what we did.

Liam’s godmother is one of our best friends of all time, Andrea, who was Richie’s flatmate when they were both doing master’s degrees back in the day. I met Andrea almost as soon as I moved to Ireland back in 2005, and she became one of the best and most important friends I’ve ever had! So, now she’s Liam’s second mother, which will certainly be an easier role to fill when we all live in the same country again! I look forward to that. Liam’s godfather is Richie’s older brother David, who Liam got to meet when we were in Ireland. It was great to spend lots of time in Templemore when we were on holiday and Liam got to know his uncle a bit then. The tractor board book that David gave him while we were there is still one of Liam’s favourites! And David really made my day when him and Richie’s mam came to collect myself and Liam from the airport in Dublin when we arrived back from our America trip. After all those hours alone on a plane with Liam, the sleeplessness, the manoeuvring in the airport, etc., it was a happy sight coming out to see the two of them there to take us back to Tipperary!

So, back to the christening. It was a lovely day with family and friends, although not quite as many friends as we’d hoped! It was actually kind of crazy! It happened that so many people we invited were ill or had other mishaps and couldn’t make it on the day: one friend had a chest infection, another had to fly to Italy for a family emergency and since he couldn’t come, two others couldn’t come either because they all work in the same restaurant and had to cover for each other, then the wife of Richie’s friend got ill on the trip down and had to leave right after the ceremony in the church, one of Richie’s mam’s friends was in the hospital, David’s girlfriend was sick… you get the idea. But we still had some lovely friends there and had a great day all the same.

It was a nice simple ceremony in the church, where another little baby got baptised along with Liam. We went all old-school and Liam wore a gown and bonnet. It was so cute, I just couldn’t stop smiling about it! I think it was a girl’s baptism outfit really, but who cares. We decided it had a sort of Victorian look about it. Then we had lunch back at Richie’s parents’ house, sitting by the fire, enjoying the occasion.

Here’s a short video from the baptism. It was funny because when we arrived at the church, it was just about his normal naptime, so he was a little fussy. I suddenly thought we might have a situation where Liam basically cried for the entire ceremony, and wasn’t looking forward to it! But after a little snuggling in my arms, he fell asleep, and then slept through the whole production, only stirring and rubbing his eyes a bit when the water was poured on his head. The priest actually poured on a little extra to try and get a little noise out of him, because the other baby had been so quiet too, but even that didn’t produce even a squeak. Quietest baptism ever!

And here are the photos!



4 thoughts on “Only four months late: Liam’s baptism…

  1. What an adorable baby!! I love seeing these pictures. Thanks so much for sharing. And this church is beautiful!! Love, Aunt Mary

    • Thanks Aunt Mary! And yes, the church is lovely! But then all the churches I’ve seen in Ireland are similarly lovely. It’s amazing too because Richie’s town only has about 2,000 people, so it’s a really impressive church for such a small population. They sure didn’t mess around when it came to church construction/decoration! 🙂

    • I did think the gown was pretty adorable. The bonnet really did it for me. And if we ever have a girl, she can wear it too, so it was the economical choice 😉

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