Liam 9 months old…

Well, 9 months old… time just flies. June was a lovely month and we’ve been having a great time. The weather’s been gorgeous so we’ve gotten out lots, to hang out in cafes drinking tea, having lunch with friends, walking all over the place, feasting on delicious summer fruits and veggies, that sort of thing.

Liam now has four teeth; his fourth one came in nice and slow, and didn’t seem to cause him much discomfort, which was nice because the one before that gave him a fever for a few days and made him feel miserable. Glad this one was so much easier. Just a few days ago, it seems like he had some sort of developmental breakthrough and started doing loads of cool things. He points and things and people now, things that catch his eye or things he wants. He’s started feeding himself little bits of finger food, and shares bits with me too! He figured out how to put shapes in his shape-sorter toy, stack rings and put cups inside each other. He plays peek-a-boo, but now with him being the one holding a cloth and covering and uncovering his face instead of us doing it. He’s doing lots of bouncing/dancing while standing up next to the couch or whatever. I’ll post a video of that later because it’s pretty funny.

He’s drinking out of a cup now (although we usually help him with this, otherwise the water generally gets everywhere but in his mouth). He can speed-crawl like it’s nobody’s business. One of his favourite forms of entertainment is watching the washing machine while it’s running, so generally when we have something to wash, we put him in his bouncy seat in the doorway right in front of the machine, so he can watch it do it’s thing. He loves it! He’s eating all sorts of foods, with chicken, turkey, lentils, grapes and a sort of tangy little Turkish plum (erik) being the most recent additions to his diet.

I think those are the main developments as far as Liam goes. I do have quite a few cute videos of him, so later I’ll have to start uploading them so I can post them here.

And on a non-Liam related note, Richie’s started a new teaching job, so that’s exciting! It’s all still in the organizational phase, but he’ll be working full-time, so having the steady hours will be excellent, although I’ll definitely miss having him home so much. The last month or so has been lovely, with the three of us spending lots of time together! But beefing up the ol’ savings account will be nice too.

Okay, that’s it for now. Here comes a photo overload of Liam in all his 9-month-old glory!


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