Liam: acrobat and waterbaby…

Here’s a video of Liam doing one of his favourite things, which is throwing himself around with reckless abandon on the couch (with Richie or me as a spotter, of course!). He just loves it. It’s amazing how he has absolutely zero sense of his own mortality, with all his crazy flinging himself around!

And I absolutely love this video of him in the bath! He knows he’s on camera and first he puts on his aloof, chin-in-the-air face, with a hint of a smirk, and then he very seriously splashes and throws his wash-cloth around. Too funny. I laugh every time I watch this one again!


5 thoughts on “Liam: acrobat and waterbaby…

  1. Thanks for the videos of your adorable boy!!! Charles watched them with me and got a huge kick out of all of them. He can’t wait to see Liam again!!!

    • Hahaha, glad Liam’s silliness can provide such entertainment, even from so far away! He has been so so so silly lately and it’s fun to get to share that a bit 🙂

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