Finally, a Liam update!…

Well, it’s about time I wrote an update here! I’ve been meaning to for ages, but Liam isn’t a big fan of me sitting at the computer, so basically during his waking hours, writing blog posts just doesn’t happen. And then by the time he’s in bed, I’m ready to vegetate and do nothing more complicated than eat dessert or watch a DVD. At the moment Richie is napping with Liam, so it’s my big chance to finally write something!

Well, Liam turned one about a month and a half ago! My little baby is now a toddler! He was really cranky on his actual birthday, but we made a trip to the park so he could ‘frolic’ in the grass and enjoy some fresh air, which improved things. We then had a little party for him with a few friends that weekend. I spent a couple days prepping food, and we had the obligitory cake, and Liam wanted to play with the candle on his special orange, icing-free cake (we decided not to let him though, because lighting oneself on fire during one’s first birthday would be memorable, but not in a good way!). He got a couple new toys to play with and I think he was a bit bemused by all the visitors. All in all, it was a nice little occasion to mark his big day!

Shortly after that momentous milestone, Liam also took his first steps! I think it was just three days after his birthday in fact. He started slow, took a few steps here and there, but didn’t put a whole lot of effort into it really. Then he started holding out his hand to me or Richie so we could walk around together which was really cute. Then all of a sudden, about two weeks ago, he decided he was a great big grown-up walking man, and really went for it! Now he doesn’t really crawl at all! It was quite a sudden change. Last week one day he also decided he wanted to wear shoes, or more accurately, sandals. We put them on him a few times this summer, but he kept taking them off and since he wasn’t actually walking, the shoes were a bit superfluous really. So, they’ve been around the house and he’s played with the velcro a number of times, but one day last week he found them and held one out to me and then stuck his foot out at me and gave his little grunt-like-sound which means he wants me to do something. So he put one on and then we held hands and walked around the room. Soon we put on the other and then over and over again we walked through our bedroom and the sitting room, back and forth, back and forth. It was so cute! And he hasn’t looked back since.

This whole walking thing has opened up a new world of things to do now! There are tons of little playgrounds around the area, so we’ve been able to take him out to wander around and get some fresh air every day for the last four days. I intend to take him out, even if it’s just for fifteen minutes, pretty much every day that it isn’t pouring rain! It’s so nice for him to get the outdoor activity and explore, plus it’s nice because there are always other kids of various ages for him to observe, and eventually to play with. I’ve been having such fun being with him as he takes his first step into these new adventures in the outside world.

After his birthday we also decided to wean him off of the breastfeeding and onto cow’s milk.   The whole process went so smoothly (far more smoothly than I would ever have expected!), and he took to the cow’s milk without any fuss at all. I think I was more hesitant and emotional about the end of breastfeeding than he was, by a long shot!

One funny ‘side effect’ of quitting breastfeeding has been Liam’s obsession with snuggling both our bellies. As I weaned him I wanted to make sure we had lots of cuddle time to compensate for the loss of that physical closeness of breastfeeding. I don’t know when exactly he started this, but now if I’m laying down on the floor with him or on the couch, or even just sitting somewhere, he climbs up on me, lifts up my shirt a little, and either lays his cheek on my stomach or just sticks his face right in there! It isn’t the most flattering to me, and I must admit that he also enjoys pinching my belly and has sort of massaged my nice post-pregnancy belly flab, which, to make a comparison, looks a little like he’s kneading bread dough. Again, not the most flattering, but at the same time, I’m glad someone enjoys my not-so-toned belly! He also enjoys snuggling Richie’s belly, so he’s an equal opportunity snuggler.

He hasn’t said any words at all yet, but he does chatter away a lot. He likes holding our mobile phones up to his ear ( he also holds toys, cars, pieces of cardboard, etc., up to his ear in the same way), and chats or shouts into the phone as if he’s having a very serious and sometimes very heated conversation with someone. He absolutely loves anything technological and really loves chatting to people on Skype. He is always trying to get ahold of the computer mouse and wants to press/bang on the laptop any chance he gets. At home he’s my little shadow and follows me around EVERYWHERE. There’s just no escaping from him! He eats everything I offer him and has a great appetite. One of the most surprising food discoveries was that he likes curry! I often give him little bits of left-over baked potato since it stays in nice little bite-sized chunks, but for quite a while Liam wasn’t overly impressed. One day I just decided to try a little sprinkle of curry powder on the potato chunks, which I then heated up a bit in a frying pan. He loved it! Now I always put a bit on his potato and it works like a charm. He also likes olives, he loves courgettes/zucchini, has started eating porridge, and he likes the feta-like Turkish white cheese and a Turkish bread called simit which is a great thing to let him munch on when we’re out or he’s cranky or he just needs a snack. The only problem is that it’s covered in sesame seeds and is a bit crumbly so generally our sitting room is a mess when he’s finished.

Personality-wise, he’s getting more smiley, giggly and playful all the time. He’s a laid-back kid generally, but also a bit on the cautious side. Maybe it’s normal for his age, I’m not sure. Sometimes he’s into being held by other people, but quite often he doesn’t like it. I imagine that’s not too unusual. He really shows that he recognises some of our closer friends here, the ones we see the most, because he smiles more and is quickly comfortable with them, whereas he can be quite serious and sceptical with other people. But it’s so fun to see him getting more silly and he laughs more and more when we play games with him now, and what a wonderful heart-warming sound that is! I love it so much and he just melts my heart!

Well, I think that’s about all of the news with Liam. Now I have to post about a thousand photos!


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