My, how the time flies…

Well, once again, it’s been ages since I wrote a real post here. I don’t know where the time is going these days! I have lots of little updates to write, but come evening, I just can’t seem to get myself in front of the computer to actually write anything.

In short, we’re all doing well. We’ve been keeping quite busy, which explains my evening tiredness. Actually, I’ve been thinking we might need to slow down for a bit, because while it’s been fun having so many social things to do, and it’s been nice to feel generally productive getting things done, I’ve been a bit worn out and I think it’s made a bit of a mess of Liam’s daytime napping (which, as we all know, leads to CRANKY TODDLER).

Anyway, Liam’s doing really well and is as cute as ever (possibly even cuter!). He’s a speedy guy now, walking like a pro. Now it’s hard to imagine him crawling around at all! And he’s finally looking like he’s got some hair. It’s still pretty thin on top, but there’s more in the back. It looks like it’ll be a sort of sandy blonde/light brown colour when it finally all grows in. Although he does still have his funny dark brown patches on the back of his head! I wonder if those will stay!

We’re going out to local playgrounds as much as possible these days. Winter in Istanbul is really wet generally, so I’m trying to make the most of dry days and get him out to burn off all that toddler energy! I really enjoy getting the fresh air myself, so we both win. And on extra special days, if Richie goes to work late or finishes early, then all three of us go together, which is obviously the most fun. He’s so much braver now, going up stairs and down slides (with me still, since the equipment is a bit too big!), exploring everything, buzzing around everywhere like a busy bee. Any day I get to take him outside, it makes me feel like a good mother, just to see him have fun and not be cooped up in our apartment. I just love to see my little creature, bouncing around the place, getting dirty, wearing himself out with some good wholesome outdoor fun!

We just got a package from Richie’s mom this week that has Liam’s Christmas jumper in it and I’m so excited to see him wearing it! This Sunday we’re having a few friends over for pre-Christmassy fun, with cookies, whiskey, festive music and the like, so he will most definitely be wearing it then! I’ll be sure to take photos of that! We also just got our Christmas tree yesterday. It’s a fake one, but it’ll do nicely. It is pretty great to be able to find a Christmas tree and all the decorations and lights in a Muslim country. Of course, they use Christmas trees for New Years and not Christmas, but that suits me fine anyway. I’m just glad we could get one at all. So, I set that all up yesterday afternoon and I felt like a little kid looking at it for the rest of the day! It definitely helps to get that warm fuzzy holiday feel when you’ve got a Christmas tree. I think Liam was pretty fascinated by it too, especially the lights.

Well, as far as photos, I’m months behind on posting, so some of these are actually from October I think. I need to keep up on this better! Maybe that’ll be my New Years resolution!



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