It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

Liam is taking a rare second nap this afternoon so I’m going to hurry up and write a post!

Well, we’re having our first snow day here in Istanbul. It’s been snowing all day, and it’s the lovely sticky kind with big fat snowflakes, so all the rooftops and trees are covered. It’s still snowing now and I have to say, it looks gorgeous and very Christmassy. I feel sorry for everyone out on this blustery day though, including Richie, because while it’s all nice too look at from a warm apartment, I’m sure it’s not so fun trying to get around in.




The negative part is though that poor Liam has been stuck indoors for too many days. I wasn’t quite on the ball the last few days with getting him outside, and now today it isn’t an option! Poor kid. I think he’s a bit sick of our flat.

Just in time for this very wintery weather, I found a great chicken noodle soup recipe. I just got it into my head that I needed some warm comfort food the other day and found this recipe, which I made yesterday. I think we’ll be having this regularly this winter! It was the ultimate warming experience and my belly felt very happy after a bowlful this afternoon.

My next exciting cooking project is this completely-from-scratch green bean casserole. I’ve missed this casserole at holiday times since I left the US, and couldn’t get things like cans of cream of mushroom soup and crunchy onion things, so I just didn’t know how to replicate the recipe. But, now I have renewed hope that I can, in fact, indulge in green bean casserole at holiday times once again! Haven’t tried it yet, of course, but I’m going to make it on Christmas Eve and I’m feeling very optimistic about it! My mouth is watering just thinking about it!

Well, we’ve got a bit more preparation to do before our trip to Ireland next week. Not too much, but the time between now and then will fly by! Tomorrow Richie’s off work, so I’m going to head out on my own to get a few things, like wrapping paper and a few gifts, etc. It will be rather relaxing doing a bit of shopping without carting a little guy around, so I’m actually looking forward to it!

I’m sitting here next to our little Christmas tree and I’m so happy we got one this year! I’ve also been watching some of the old Christmas shows on youtube with Liam, so that’s certainly helped add to the Christmas spirit. I couldn’t find a full version of the Grinch though, which is extremely disappointing. That’s possibly my favourite one! Sigh.


I’m looking forward to Christmas morning and seeing if Liam has a bit more reaction to presents than he did last year. Obviously, he’s too young to really have any idea what’s going on, but still. Maybe a gift from Santa will be at least a little exciting for him! Regardless of how he feels about it, I’ll probably be about a million times more excited about it than he is! It certainly is true that Christmas becomes way more fun again once you have a kid of your own to share it with.

Okay, Liam’s awake again, so that’s all for now!

One thought on “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

  1. MmmmMmmm both those recipes sound really yummy!!! I’m jealous you’re going to Ireland but I hope you have a ton of fun!! I’m glad you got a Christmas tree – nothing quite like the magic of Christmas lights.

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