Happy Christmassy fun…

Well, we’ve had a lovely Christmas so far! On Christmas Eve we had a few friends over for a nice festive dinner and it was really great. We had roast chicken, mashed potatoes, stuffing and green bean casserole, plus friends brought a lovely winter salad and cake to round out the meal. I was so happy with the green bean casserole recipe I found! I’ve been missing that dish at holidays for years, and I was thrilled to finally have it again! Liam was in great form and we actually got to sit around the table for ages eating and talking. So, it was a great start to the Christmas celebrating.

Yesterday was more low-key, but it was a nice day all the same. Richie was with us for the morning, which included Liam opening his presents from Santa! He went right for his packages and started opening them. I wasn’t sure if he’d pay much attention to them, but he knew exactly what to do! Richie had to work a bit in the afternoon, and then at night he had an appointment to apply for his new residence permit since he lost his a couple weeks ago. It was a strange way to spend Christmas night, but at least it’s taken care of now.

I was just happy to have pretty much nothing to do except play with Liam yesterday. It had a been a few busy days leading up to Christmas and I felt like I hadn’t seen Liam nearly as much as usual! So yesterday we just played, took a nap together and the weather was sunny and nice so we spent a good hour in the park in the afternoon.

So, next we’re heading off to Ireland for a week, where the Christmassy fun will continue. Richie’s family decided to wait to have the big Christmas dinner for when we’re there, so this weekend we’ll get to have a good proper feast! I’m so excited about it! Yum. It’s nice to know the holiday isn’t over yet. I’m not ready for the end of Christmas yet! So, today is preparation day, getting packed and organized, and then tomorrow evening we’ll be safe and snug in Templemore, sitting in front of the fire, hanging out with family, and having a great time. Can’t wait!!!


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