Snowy day and Liam silliness…

Well, today has been a real, proper snow day. It actually began yesterday, and the day was lovely (for me at least! Richie still had to go to work in it all!) because my friend Amanda came over in the afternoon, also bringing some nice Starbucks coffees with her. We hung out for hours chatting and it was nice to watch the fluffy snowflakes fall from the warmth of our apartment. As an aside to that, it’s always nice to meet up with friends anywhere, but it was especially nice having someone over here for a visit. At the age Liam is now, it’s just so much easier to be at home with a visitor because I can actually sit and talk instead of chasing him around somewhere else, and he’s perfectly content doing his normal stuff and playing with his toys etc. So Amanda, if you’re reading this, thanks… that was awesome!

Anyway, the snow continued overnight, but this morning it wasn’t too bad. Richie had to go to work early, so before he left I wanted to make sure I had all the food stuff we’d need for the day, so I walked up our hill to the local corner shop for the essentials: yogurt, milk, eggs, etc. The problem with Istanbul, is even if it’s just a dusting of snow, there are just so many hills that that little lovely sprinkle of white makes it nearly impossible to get anywhere! So, it was a rather slow and treacherous walk up our slippy hill and the same again on the way back down, but I managed it all without falling. Poor Richie had to do a considerable amount of walking in it all today, but he seemed to do alright. It’s a good thing he’s more sure-footed than I am!

I was hoping that after a few hours that little bit of snow would melt away because I had big plans today. I’ve been waiting for weeks for a package from my parents with all Liam’s winter outdoor gear and found out yesterday it’s being held at some far away post office for some reason, so I have to go get it. I was all set to make this epic journey today, with help from the aforementioned Amanda. But to make a long story short, it snowed all day long and it would have been impossible to actually make it out of our door and down our street. Also, because of the snow, I was advised by some people at work that the post office might be closed anyway. Blah. So, tomorrow I hope I can go, but it seems unlikely now since there’s meant to be more snow!

Apart from the snow drama, Liam and I had a nice day at home. The funniest part was his bath experience today. There have been a few occasions in the past where I’ve just plopped him in to a tub of nice warm water and about thirty seconds later he’s pooped in it. So, I’ve taken to waiting until he’s just pooped in his diaper before getting the bath underway; that way it’s safe. Or so I thought. Today, he had safely done his thing in the nappy and yet, two minutes later when placed in the fresh clean bath, he pooped some more! This lead to me immediately ejecting him from the bath, which meant he was standing there naked and cold crying his head off while I emptied and cleaned the tub and ran the water a second time. But once he was in again, he was fine and thankfully, there was no more pooping. Bath mishap number two happened after I got him out. I brought him to the warm sitting room to dry him off and while he was sitting on my lap wrapped up in his towel, he suddenly peed on me. I don’t have any idea when he last did that! Not since he was a really little guy! He seemed to be a bit shocked by it himself. So, it wasn’t really that big a deal except my only other pair of comfy trousers where outside ‘drying’ on the clothesline (aka. getting snowed on and slowly frozen). I was stuck wearing some shorts while I waited for the wet/semi-frozen ones to dry by the heater. Delightful.

Richie is currently putting Liam to bed. Lately Liam has been quite happy to go to bed and sometimes he makes it clear that he wants to go to bed even before we’ve been ready to tuck him in. Tonight it was hilarious because Richie brought out his pajamas and Liam got all giddy and just putting them on his head. Then while Richie was putting the pajamas on him, he was just giggling and smiling the whole time, like getting his pajamas on was the best and most exciting thing that had happened to him all day. If he’s so eager to go to bed at night, I wonder what that says about our company? Anyway, it’s so nice to have a little toddler who goes to bed so easily! What a treat!

Well, that’s about it for now. Hope I have some photos to upload soon. I don’t take as many these days because as soon as Liam sees the camera, he makes a dash for it and I can hardly get a shot in before I have to run away and hide it from him! Anyway, I’ll keep trying and hopefully get at least a few.


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