Easter in Istanbul…

Well, being in a predominantly Muslim country, I must say Easter doesn’t necessarily feel very Eastery, but we had a lovely day all the same. The weather was absolutely gorgeous today! It was warm and sunny and perfect. The three of us had a relaxing morning at home, treating ourselves to breakfast from the bakery and some time downstairs in the garden. I was pleasantly surprised to actually feel hot in the bright sun! We didn’t stay out too long this morning because I was afraid of Liam getting burnt; he’s not used to all that sun! I also dyed eggs this morning. It was fun, but I’m really looking forward to Liam being able to help next year. I’m sure that will make it exponentially more fun.

Oh, and Richie got Liam a new scoot-around ‘car’ this week, as a sort of Easter present we’ll say, and Liam’s been loving it! He’s been scooting around the apartment loads every day. We took it down to the garden today so he could try it out down there, but rocks, snails and dirt were too distracting this time. But I’m sure he’ll get lots of use out of it this summer.

After Liam’s very short nap, we headed out for lunch and some time in the park. There were loads of people in the park, and tons of children around! We ran into a lovely couple and their baby, whom we met last autumn, which was a nice coincidence. The little girl, who is about 11 months old, was adorable, smiley and very interested in Liam. It was hilarious though when she gave him a hug and it looked like he was trying to move himself as far away from her as possible. He didn’t know what to make of that female attention! He was a bit freaked out.

Again, we didn’t want to keep Liam out too long in the sun, so we headed home earlier than I would have liked. It was just so lovely out I hated to leave, but realistically I don’t have to worry because soon it will be like that every day!!! So, all in all, a nice relaxing holiday. And we still have some chocolate and fresh bakery cookies still to enjoy!

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