Recent cooking adventures…

I’ve been having some fun recipe experiments lately. That is, on the days when I don’t hate the sight of the kitchen and the mere thought of having to cook. I’ve been a bit back-and-forth on the whole kitchen/cooking thing for months now, probably pregnancy related, but my desperation for healthy new recipes and inspiration has led me to some delicious discoveries.

My favourite food blog at the moment is Stonesoup, for many reasons. One of the highlights are all the recipes featuring only 5 ingredients, most of which are prepared in about 10 minutes. Time and time again I’ve looked at such a short ingredient list and simple cooking instructions and been sceptical that the end result would end up being very flavourful, but each and every time I’m delighted with the delicious food I end up eating! Obviously such quick and easy cooking is a great thing when one has a toddler to chase around. There are also tons of high-protein and low-carb recipes, and lots of great vegetarian recipes too, which have been a lifesaver during pregnancy. I actually just had a routine blood test last week and apparently my blood sugar levels are too high. This has been a wake-up call to cut back on the carbs again. I have to have a follow-up test as soon as I get the chance, so hopefully it won’t be a major problem, but still, I do need to cut down on all the pasta and potatoes and sugary stuff. I’m also trying to find new and creative things for Liam to eat, or at least to try. He eats really well, fruits, veggies, meat, everything, but I want to keep introducing him to new stuff, especially some vegetarian stuff. He loves his meat, the little carnivore, and I’m perfectly okay with that, but I’d just like him to have wide-ranging tastes, so I would like to have him at least try more lentil/bean type stuff. With a little coaxing, he did eat some of the lentily fake-meatballs we had for dinner tonight, so that was a success!

Anyway, here are some of the Stonesoup recipes we’ve tried recently and loved, for anyone  interested. There are so many more I want to try!!! Unfortunately, there are some I can’t really do here, because of the ingredients available (or not available), but I’m sure I’ll have a chance some day!

Irish-style baked beans (great served with fried or poached eggs)

Lentil-balls with tomato sauce (just had this for dinner tonight with fried courgettes/zucchini and it was really good. Liam even tried some! It was a delicious and MUCH cheaper alternative to meatballs)

Chickpea burgers with yogurt sauce and cucumbers (haven’t tried this yet, but it’s on the menu for tomorrow night)

Butter chickpeas (mine took a bit longer than 10 minutes to cook because I added some extra vegetables, but it was still really quick and easy. Had it a second night substituting some left-over roasted chicken breast instead of the chickpeas and that was delicious too)

Carrot ribbon salad with pesto and cashews (love it!)

Anyway, it’s a fun blog to explore! Love it love it love it!


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