Feeling creative…

Over the last week I’ve decided to get a bit more creative and do some artsy/ craftsy type things with Liam. I’ve been browsing around a bit on the internet and have found a few blogs with some things to try with a toddler under 2. It is a bit hard to think of ideas for such a little guy, but we’ve experimented with a couple and I’m glad we did. I don’t think he really cared too much, but still, I want to keep at it, maybe doing a couple a week for now, just to give him something different to do. So far we did painting in a ziplock bag, which I think I mentioned in my last post, and yesterday we did painting in a box. The best part are that both projects are mess-free! Yay!

Now that Liam has his own nice room that he can actually play in and spend time in, we decided it’d be fun to decorate it a bit. I’d actually thought of creating some animal pictures to decorate his old room too, but I never got around to it. Also, he only slept in his room as it wasn’t really very child-friendly, so I never really had the motivation to do the pictures. But, with a new burst of inspiration, I made the first animal ‘wall hanging’ over the last couple of nights and I really enjoyed it. It’s hard to tell from the photo, but it’s about 1 ft high and 1.5 ft long. I used watercolours to paint a big yellowish sheet of paper and reddish/brownish one, then cut and pasted the pieces of the lion together, and finally, added details with little bits of the painted paper too. It was quite a fun puzzle to piece together and I’m pretty happy with the results, if I do say so myself! Today I was excited to hang it up on the wall and to also hang up the few painted things Liam’s done too, however, Liam didn’t quite have the reaction I was expecting. I think he was quite intrigued by the lion I made and as soon as I put it up on the wall he threw a fit! He wanted to play with it, not have the stupid thing put up on the wall! What was I thinking? So, I decided to wait until tomorrow at naptime to sneak up the paintings he did, so maybe then he won’t get upset about it. So funny. Ah, kids…

Another slightly creative thing has been playing with stickers. One day last week stickers saved my sanity! Liam was very cranky with the ol’ teething, so I got out these tiny little stickers and he was instantly engrossed in taking them one by one and sticking them on his leg. He loves tiny things like that and was absolutely silent and in deep concentration for ages, just putting them on, repositioning them, taking them off again, etc. It was amazing to have a quiet break after a morning of him repeatedly falling apart!

So, that’s what we’ve been up to. I’ve got a few more interesting projects I’d like to try with Liam in the next week or so, and I also have an elephant, owl and gazelle planned for Liam’s room. But tonight, I’m skipping the art and opting for a film instead!


2 thoughts on “Feeling creative…

  1. Your lion looks fabulous!! You’ve always been so artistically talented!!! It is fun when they start doing specific activities instead of only meandering around all the time…but meandering is good too!!

  2. Love the lion!! And I can relate to the stickers- there are pictures of me as a child with my face/arms/legs covered with stickers. They’re so much fun! 🙂

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