Adventures in potty training…

Well, it’s been a while since I’ve posted, mainly because the last week and a half have been almost entirely dedicated to potty training, and I haven’t had any energy for such indulgences as writing and thinking in the evening. Also, I enjoy photo posts the most, but since Liam has been running around mainly with a naked butt, I haven’t had much opportunity for internet-appropriate photography!

I don’t want to bore with excessive details, but I think so far potty training is going really well. Far better than I imagined, actually! The first day was ‘clueless’ day, but even then he was quickly catching on to what was going on with the whole bodily function thing, and we successfully got just about everything (at least partially) in the potty. Day 2 was more of the same, but with much more awareness and even some self-initiated potty usage. Day 3 and 4 we attempted to add shorts, to practice reading his signals and to basically see how he’d communicate with us about pottying, since he doesn’t know how to pull down his trousers himself yet. Since he’s so young, we knew he’d need lots of supervision and support with this, but it was kind of just to see how things would go. There was some success, some mess, some confusion and difficulty for Liam. Day 5 was a return to naked butt time and HEY PRESTO a whole evening of entirely self-initiated potty going!

Turns out he is WAY ready for all this and (so far) has been completely using the potty on his own. We even gave up prompting him much or ‘making’ him sit on the potty. We remind him a bit, just saying ‘here’s your potty when you need to go peepee or poopoo’, but if we try to actually get him to sit, it just causes crying and wriggling and often no actual pottying anyway. Once we trusted him to take the initiative, things have been going so well! I’ll still qualify that with a ‘so far’ because I don’t want to jinx things and you just never know with toddlers from one day to the next.

So, for now we’re spending all our time at home, just making sure this phase of the potty training experience is as relaxed as possible and to make sure Liam has it completely down pat. We’ve also had completely dry naptime diapers since Day 1 of potty training and the last couple of nights he woke up completely dry too! Amazing. We’re making more use of our garden downstairs now, so we don’t have to go too far while all of this is new, but so we still get some outside time. We bring down his potty and he wears shorts for the time he’s out there, and it’s been a good, stress-free practice dealing with all this and him being clothed. He’s getting more aware of what’s happening and communicating a bit more clearly when he needs me to help him go. Overall, we’ve been very successful down there too and he’s peed in the potty each time for last few days.

I know every parent has these moments, for various different achievements of their children, but for me this is definitely one of those things that makes me feel so impressed by my little man! I thought he was ready to potty train, but I didn’t think he’d catch on so quickly and be doing so well and be so independent about it! I feel really happy for him too. It’s hot and I think he’s delighted not to have a hot ol’ diaper on and to be running around with a fresh breeze on his buns! Also, he looks so proud of himself when he used the potty. And I think all of us are really glad not to have those wrestling match diaper changes anymore. He’s so quick, just hopping on the pot for a quick pee and then off he goes again, no hastle, no laying down for a change, hardly any stop to what he’s doing. It must feel great!

So, basically, that’s been occupying most of my braincells. I did, however, muster up the energy to make another animal-thing for Liam’s room. This time it’s a gazelle. I’m pretty happy with how it turned out, although, it looks kind of funny next to the lion I previously made because it’s bigger. So much for scale! Luckily, Liam isn’t the harshest critic and has seemed to turn a blind eye to my artistic shortcomings. We’ve also been doing more home rearranging and all that. Little by little we’re getting rid of all the unnecessary junk we’ve had around forever, and we’re getting this place ready for Baby No 2. It’s exciting to see things slowly coming together and I really think the whole apartment is looking much better this way!

And finally, here’s a video. He’s been having so much fun playing with the hose and soaking himself in the garden! That noisy thing that elicits the ‘oh wow!’ is a truck driving up our hill.


One thought on “Adventures in potty training…

  1. I LOVE the birds in the background!! Sounds like you’re living in an aviary. So cute!! And so happy about the potty training! Wahoo! Way to go Liam!

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