Great visit to the doctor…

Well, I had my regularly scheduled doctor’s appointment yesterday and it was both fun and very motivating. It was great to see the images of the baby with the ultrasound. Now he looks so ‘baby-like’! Got a great glimpse of his face and everything is fine and wonderful with him, so that’s obviously the best part. Also, all of my carb-avoidance and healthy eating has been paying off! The doctor seemed quite pleased too when she told me I’d gained a kilo and a half since my last visit, which she said was exactly the amount I should have gained just due to the necessary baby-weight, etc. I was so happy! It hasn’t been the worst thing ever trying to cut out the carbs and really watch what I’m eating, but it hasn’t been the easiest thing either and I certainly do have those moments (or days!) where I just really want to EAT WHATEVER I WANT and not care about the sugar or whatnot. But hearing that my efforts are paying off, and hearing the doctor tell me if I keep up like this the baby will stay the ‘right’ size and I should have an easier and quicker labour and delivery, it’s just really great motivation to keep going like this for the next two months. It’s nice too because I have had the odd treat, a bit of something sweet here and there, so it’s good to know that having those treats won’t put me over the edge, so to speak.

I was also afraid before the visit that I was going to be told my blood pressure was too high, like when I was pregnant with Liam. While avoiding carbs, I have indulged in plenty of cheese and olives and other tasty, salted things. I have to have some flavour! I was just dreading her telling me my blood pressure was high again and I’d have to cut out the salt, and then the eating thing really would have been difficult. However, my blood pressure is normal, so for now anyway, I can still have my salty cheeses and olives and that sort of thing without worrying. Thank goodness!

So, I’m now just about 32 weeks along and my rough due date is July 30th, although she said we could expect the baby to come any time after July 21st. I’m glad we still have a good few weeks to finish preparing for his arrival, but I’m definitely getting more and more excited and impatient to meet him! It’s still hard to believe it’ll be such a short time until we have TWO little boys. What a happy thought.

Oh, and as an aside note, I really want to find a nice ‘baby’s first year’ sort of book for the new little guy. I’ve looked at a few on but it’s hard to pick things out like that without taking a proper look at them. I got this lovely book for Liam from my mother-in-law, and liked it so much I gave one to my sister as a gift for her soon-to-be-arriving baby. Anyway, if any of you mama’s that I know have one that you like, especially one that can be easily found on Amazon or whatever, I’d love to know about it. Thanks!


2 thoughts on “Great visit to the doctor…

    • Hey Megan! Thanks so much for the comment. I miss you loads! Well, to be honest, I’m getting most of my information from facebook and then there are articles from the BBC and that sort of thing, but I’ve gathered that the TV news channels here aren’t reporting much. As far as I know the English-language Turkish newspapers are reporting things, at the very least. I have to admit that I’m not really up on what’s happening, and have some mixed feelings about some of the ‘expat’ involvement. I’m just not informing myself enough to give a proper opinion on matters. However, at the moment everyone around is banging pots and pans from their windows, whistling and flashing their apartment lights, same as last night, as some sort of joining in of the protest! It is pretty crazy to see and hear what’s going on! Wish I could tell you something more interesting, but I’m just a bit out of the loop.

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